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MS: Three Minor Parties Enter Candidates in 2011 Mississippi Legislative Races

From an article published June 12th, 2011, on BallotAccess.org:

Mississippi elects all of its state legislators in the odd years before presidential elections. All legislators have 4-year terms. In the 2011 election, the Libertarian, Reform, and Constitution Parties have candidates for the legislature. The Libertarians are: Harold M. Taylor, Sean Holmes, Jan “Jay” Butler, and Donna Knezevich (all are running for State House).

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Libertarian Party of Mississippi: ‘The Democratic-Republican Masquerade Party’

From the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi via TPID:

For the last several decades during election season, Candidates and Incumbents alike, campaign on fiscal responsibility and the protection of civil liberties. Year after year and election cycle after election cycle, these people are voted into office. But as soon as they’re elected, they take off their libertarian mask and revert back to their true identities, where the Government is the cure-all for most of societies’ woes.… Read more ...