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Results expected in Colombian runoff by tonight

From Colombia Reports:

Colombia’s National Registry says it is fully prepared for Sunday’s runoff presidential election between Partido de la U’s Juan Manuel Santos and the Green Party’s Antanas Mockus, and that the world will know the outcome by 5:30PM.

“The results from May 30 [the first-round presidential election] has generated a lot of expectations.

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James Carville’s hypocrisy on BP and dubious ties to Antanas Mockus’ establishment opponent in Colombia

On Counterpunch, author Nikolas Kozloff examines American political strategist James Carville’s numerous forays into South American politics, including ties to BP and the establishment opponent of Colombian Green presidential candidate Antanas Mockus, who came in second with a bit over 20 percent of the vote yesterday.  Carville has recently been on American network news blasting BP for their oilspill near his native Louisiana, yet Kozloff talks about what Carville has done to prop up BP in South America (and they are now considering offshore drilling in Colombia, just to add to the hypocrisy). … Read more ...

Nine candidates running in Colombian presidential election today, including Green front runner

From Al Jazeera:

Polls have shown Juan Manuel Santos, a candidate for the Unity Party and a former defence minister under Uribe, in a tight trace with Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus, a former mayor of the capital, Bogota.

Although there are nine candidates running, Santos and Mockus have grabbed the most attention in the campaign…

From France24:

Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus,  former mayor of Bogota, is one of the front-runners for Sunday’s presidential elections.

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Colombian Green presidential candidate interviewed in LA Times

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

From Charles Kraul at the Los Angeles Times:

Reporting from Armenia, Colombia — The surprise of the Colombian presidential campaign has been the surge of Bogota’s former mayor, Antanas Mockus, from nowhere to the top of voter preference polls in advance of first-round voting on May 30.

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‘Anti-candidate’ from the Green Party just might become Colombia’s next president

From AP:

More dramatic still: at least one new poll, released late Thursday, shows him likely to win the presidency in a second-round vote on June 20.

Mockus had a 50-44 percent second-round lead over former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos in the new poll by the Centro Nacional de Consultoria polling firm.

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