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Libertarian Party of Kentucky, and Constitution Party of Kentucky, File Lawsuit on Definition of “Party”

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On December 4, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party filed a lawsuit against the Kentucky definition of a qualified party. The case is Libertarian Party of Kentucky v Grimes, e.d. 3:15cv-86.

Kentucky is the only state in which it is impossible for a party to ever be ballot-qualified until it polls a particular share of the vote for President.… Read more ...

Several Single-State Parties Score High Vote Totals, Minnesota IP Loses Party Status

This report outlines some strong (and not-so-strong) performances turned in by political parties that are currently active in only one state:

In Hawaii, Hawaii Independent Party candidate Mufi Hannemann won more than 11% of the vote in his race for Governor.

In Massachusetts, United Independent Party candidate Evan Falchuk appears to have come in third in his race for Governor with more than 3% of the vote.… Read more ...

Uncovered Politics: Will 2014 Be Remembered as a Breakout Year?

By Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics:

October 29, 2014 5:54 pm

As recently as a few weeks ago it looked like we were heading for a record year for third party and independent candidates in the modern era. Independents in South Dakota, Kansas, Maine and Alaska all seemed like they had victory within their grasp.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: Minor Parties Have a Lot Riding on Their Percentage of the Vote on November 4

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

One of the reasons the November 4 election is suspenseful is because there are so many states in which it is difficult to predict whether various minor parties will poll enough votes to obtain, or keep, recognized party status.

Alabama: although no minor party candidate has any candidates on the ballot for statewide office, parties can also obtain recognized party status, for county office only, if they poll 20% of the vote for a countywide county office.… Read more ...

Four Parties Will Have Statewide Nominees on Rhode Island 2014 Ballot

Via Ballot Access News:

The November 2014 election in Rhode Island will include statewide nominees from four political parties. The Moderate Party will have James B. Spooner for Governor, and William Gilbert for Lieutenant Governor. The Libertarian Party will have Tony Jones on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor. Rhode Island voters elect Lieutenant Governor separately from Governor.… Read more ...

Moderate Party Makes Good Showing in Contributions from Rhode Island State Income Tax Returns

Party logo

From Ballot Access News, August 10, 2013: 

Rhode Island state income taxpayers are asked if they wish to send a small donation to the qualified political party of the taxpayers’ choice. The Moderate Party, the only ballot-qualified party besides the Democratic and Republican Parties, made a good showing.… Read more ...

Dennis Mikolay: Ken Block Hopes to Represent Centrists in Rhode Island

Published on ivn.us on May 23, 2013

By Dennis Mikolay

In a country as heavily partisan as the United States, it is very rare to find politicians whose allegiance lies outside the Democratic and Republican machines. Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, elected as an independent, represents one of the very few exceptions to this rule; that said, not all voters, or even third party advocates for that matter, are particularly enthused with their gubernatorial incumbent.… Read more ...

RI Moderate Party: Governor Chafee says tax payer silence means silent approval of his tax plan

From an email sent to IPR by Ken Block :

Governor Chafee says tax payer silence means silent approval of his tax plan
Tell him otherwise!

An article in the Providence Journal on 6/2/2011 ‘Governor Chafee pushes for sales-tax overhaul at public forum’ drives home the importance of getting and staying involved in the political conversation.… Read more ...

RI Moderate Party: ‘Wink and nod’ politics dooming our state

From an email sent to IPR by Ken Block :

‘Wink and nod’ – and the tax payer loses
‘Wink and nod’ politics and governance has brought Rhode Island to a financial precipice.

Whether it is a huge issue like our completely broken pension system or a small issue like an individual falsely claiming disability to collect a tax advantaged disability pension, inadequate governmental oversight exposes the tax payer to unconstrained and inappropriate costs.… Read more ...

Rhode Island: Ken Block wants to find RI-HHS fraud & Waste

In House and Senate Finance Commitee hearing testimony to be given this week, Ken Block will volunteer his services to help the state begin to identify waste and fraud in Health and Human Services spending.

Block will not be able to testify in person in this week’s hearings, but his testimony will be submitted into the record for each committee.… Read more ...

Recent news from Rhode Island’s Moderate Party

Various news about the Rhode Island Moderate Party since the election:

Most recently, the party’s chairman Robert Corrente stepped down from that position so that Ken Block, who had resigned while he ran for governor, could take over.

Party executive director Christine Hunsinger says former U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente (kuh-RENT’-ee) resigned the week after the Nov.

Read more ...