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Moderate Party Being Organized in Kansas

Man Working For “Moderate Party of Kansas” 

Associated Press – Fri 10:35 AM 06/14/2013

A Manhattan man says he wants moderates of both the Democratic and Republican parties to form a new political party in Kansas.

Aaron Estabrook says his proposed political party would give moderates a voice to respond to extremism he sees in the current political parties.

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Recent news from Rhode Island’s Moderate Party

Various news about the Rhode Island Moderate Party since the election:

Most recently, the party’s chairman Robert Corrente stepped down from that position so that Ken Block, who had resigned while he ran for governor, could take over.

Party executive director Christine Hunsinger says former U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente (kuh-RENT’-ee) resigned the week after the Nov.

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Presidential Race 2012: Third party stats concerning ballot status

from Ballot Access News
Minor Party Presidential Ballot Status, Compared to Four Years Ago at this Point

November 5th, 2010

The Libertarian Party now has an automatic spot on the 2012 presidential ballot in 26 states.  If it meets the vote tests in New York and/or Utah, that will go up to either 27 or 28. … Read more ...

Ballot Access News: ballot status results from Election 2010

from Ballot Access News
Political Parties Gain Qualified Status in Some States, Lose it in Others

November 2nd, 2010

Here is a partial rundown on whether various minor parties in various states either gained, kept, or lost qualified status, as a result of votes cast on November 2, 2010: [These are based on early returns.

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RI Moderate Party gov. candidate puts ads on television

Emailed by the Ken Block for governor campaign to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Warwick–Starting today, a new Block commercial will run. Moderate Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Ken Block’s newest ad sets him apart from his opponents by poking fun at the back and forth mudslinging that occurs between recycled politicians.

“The two best known candidates are attacking one another in the hopes that no one will notice the lack of substance in their plans for fixing Rhode Island,” said Block.… Read more ...

Moderate Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Ken Block, on the American Federation of Teachers’ endorsement of Lincoln Chafee

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Moderate Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Ken Block, released the following statement in reaction to the American Federation of Teachers’ endorsement of Lincoln Chafee:

“The American Federation of Teachers’ choice to endorse before meeting with all of the candidates was uniformed and demonstrates that union leadership is out of step with its membership.… Read more ...

Moderate Party of Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Ken Block unveils first campaign TV commercial

Starting Tuesday, June 1st, the Ken Block for Governor campaign will be up on television with our first commercial. As someone who has been supportive of the ideas of Moderate Party and Ken Block, we’re giving you the opportunity to view the commercial before everyone else.

We know that Rhode Island’s problems are largely self inflicted – and therefore solvable!… Read more ...

Moderate Party of RI chairman to run for governor, be replaced by former US attorney

Moderate Party of Rhode Island chairman Kenneth J. Block will be running for governor on his party’s ballot line.  He will be replaced as chairman by former US attorney Robert Corrente.  According to Ballot Access News, the party needs to poll at least five percent in the governor’s race in order to retain its spot on the ballot.… Read more ...

Moderate Party of Rhode Island: ‘Why it matters now, more than ever’

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

time is now
Why it matters now, more than ever

Two years ago now, this effort began as a journey of one. Now, we count more than a thousand followers and we are on this journey together.

Through conversations with friends, colleagues and neighbors, it is clear that Rhode Island needs something other than what it currently has; we deserve better.… Read more ...

Moderate Party founder fined $20,000 for political contributions

From Ballot Access News:

The Rhode Island State Board of Elections wants to levy a fine of $10,000 against Ken Block, because Block donated $20,000 to the Moderate Party of Rhode Island. Block is the person most responsible for conceiving of the Moderate Party and bringing it into existence as a ballot-qualified party earlier this year.

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Moderate Party of Rhode Island update

Posted at http://www.moderate-ri.org/, Sept. 3:

A lot has been going on in the 2 weeks since we attained party status!

We have filed for and received our non-profit status, set up bank accounts, got all set up with the Board of Elections campaign finance division, set up our PayPal account and filed all of our federal paperwork.… Read more ...

Rhode Island Moderate Party Makes Headway

from Ballot Access News
Rhode Island Moderate Party Makes Headway

July 23rd, 2009

The Moderate Party, currently working to get 23,589 valid signatures so as to qualify as a “political party” in Rhode Island, says it has now collected 10,000. This is the largest number of signatures any minor party in any particular state has collected this year.

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