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Tuesday, June 7: Electoral Freedom Act to be considered in North Carolina

Sent to the IPR submissions e-mail by Paulie. Received from the announce list at lpnc.org:

Below is a special message from Free the Vote North Carolina, a coalition of which the LPNC is a member.

Please call or write your representative this Monday or Tuesday and ask them to support the Electoral Freedom Act (H32), a bill that will significantly ease ballot access restrictions in NC.… Read more ...

FL Whigs: Truesdell US Senate Campaign

From a release by Paul Truesdell, chairman of the Florida Whig Party:

“I understand that mine is but one voice, but perhaps when united in a national chorus of discontent against those who would willingly deny you and I as Americans, access to our natural public resources, foundations to governmental entities and asserted councils can better understand how such radical anti-fishing rhetoric is truly impacting the cultural heritage and traditions of our vital coastal infrastructure and refusing us our basic human rights as established under the public trust doctrine.”… Read more ...

Modern Whig Party National Council Meeting Recap

This past weekend, the Modern Whig Party held its first National Council Meeting in Washington D.C., bringing together members and volunteers from across the country. At Northern Virginia Whig, Rob Withers supplied a summary of the proceedings. At The Whig blog, Septimus also provides an overview:

First, at the meeting, we had a presentation and discussion on why third parties fail.

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Florida Whig Party Congressional Candidate Paul McKain Launches Series Of Town Hall Meetings

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Paul McKain (FWP)
Florida Whig Party’s
Second Congressional Candidate
Launches Series Of Town Hall Meetings

Florida’s Second US House of Representatives candidate Paul C. McKain kicks off a 14 county town hall tour this week.

Tallahassee, Florida (Monday September 07, 2009) – Second Congressional district candidate, Paul C.… Read more ...

Modern Whigs in the news

The Modern Whig Party has recently been covered by the News and Observer in North Carolina and online at the Instapundit, a right wing blog.  At the News and Observer, it was in a Sunday Op-Ed piece by Rob Christensen:

I thought, what next — horse-drawn carriages, hoop skirts, war with Mexico?

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Republican officials get the boot, form a local Modern Whig chapter

In Linn County, Iowa the local Republican party recently held elections for positions within the party.  A new co-chair, secretary, and treasurer of the party were elected, running as a slate.  The people who used to hold these positions, however, have formed a Modern Whig party group on Facebook and are supposedly in the process of forming a local chapter of the party to “separate the conservative stance from the hands of the Evangelical Christian Coalition” that they feel has taken over the Linn County Republican party.… Read more ...