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Arvin Vohra Berates Libertarian Party Members with Scathing Essay

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate and former LNC vice chair Arvin Vohra posted the following essay, critical of Libertarian Party members, on his Facebook account yesterday:

During the last three years, I have intentionally provoked you all with the most controversial topics I could find. I’d like to take a moment to tell you why.… Read more ...

Less Antman: ‘There is no libertarian case for restricted immigration’

Less Antman at Anarchy Without Bombs (originally posted June 2010):

It is almost 30 years to the day since Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Ed Clark set off a firestorm of criticism within the party for indicating that he didn’t think free immigration should be immediately adopted. One of the strongest criticisms came in a post-mortem of that campaign by Mr.… Read more ...

Richard Cooper: Theorist Who Influenced Egypt’s Revolution, A Look Back

by Richard Cooper at groundreport.com…submitted to IPR by the author

The writings of Gene Sharp and his Albert Einstein Institute reportedly influenced the young people who organized the mostly non-violent revolution in Egypt. Back in 1982, I reviewed one of his books, Social Power and Political Freedom.

It may be interesting to take another look at what I wrote back then.… Read more ...

Eric Sundwall: ‘Long live the Libertarian Party’

Eric Sundwall in the Examiner:

While some partisans lick their chops in anticipation of their new political spoils and others their wounds from electoral battle, Libertarian Party members of NY and activists are scrambling to determine if in fact they may have ballot status. Reminded of the 1998 effort of the Working Families Party that woke up the next day with forty five thousand votes, long time third party activists like the Greens Mark Dunlea has reminded this Redlich staffer that miracles can happen outside Lake Placid in New York.… Read more ...