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Virgil Goode Opposed to Agenda21, NDAA, Globalism, and North American Union

In this interview, conducted by a reporter with the group called USWGO, Virgil Goode answers questions regarding a wide variety of questions, including Agenda21, National Defense Authorization Act, the North American Union, Illegal Immigration, and the TSA.


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Brian Irving: We’re about to go to war – again

Brian Irving at Wrights2012.com:

Hidden deep on page 359 of the defense appropriations bill being written behind closed doors is the latest faux declaration of war being concocted in Washington D.C. Sabin Willett, a partner at Bingham McCutchen in Boston which has represented prisoners at the Guantanamo prison, writes in the Boston Globe:

“Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, now before the Senate, would let the armed forces ‘detain’ people who are part of or support Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or ‘associated forces.’

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