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National Popular Vote Plan Organization May be Among Victims of Embezzlement

Ballot Access News:

The National Popular Vote Plan organization is among the dozens of non-profit organizations whose funds may have been depleted by the apparent embezzlement of Kinde Durkee. See this story, which says that Durkee was accountant and treasurer for the organization. Most of the publicity about her has focused on the impact Durkee has had on U.S.… Read more ...

New York Daily News Says Thomas Golisano is a Major Backer of the National Popular Vote Plan

Ballot Access News:

According to this story in the New York Daily News, Thomas Golisano is one of the major financial backers of the movement to pass the National Popular Vote Plan bills. Golisano was the Independence Party’s gubernatorial candidate in New York in 1994, 1998, and 2002. Each time he ran, he received a larger share of the vote.… Read more ...

Massachusetts Legislature Passes National Popular Vote Bill

Ballot Access News reports:

On July 27, the Massachusetts legislature gave final approval to the National Popular Vote Plan bill. Governor DuVal Patrick is expected to sign it. Massachusetts will be the sixth state to approve the plan. The others are Hawaii, Washington, New Jersey, Maryland and Illinois.

According to BAN comments that brings the plan up to 73 votes.… Read more ...

Michigan State House passes National Popular Vote Bill

A newsletter, posted below, from the National Popular Vote organization summarizes the situation in Michigan and gives some background information (albeit very favorably biased background information) about the National Popular Vote Plan. In case you’re wondering, this could potentially have a positive effect on third parties because it would eliminate the obstacle of one candidate needing to collect a majority of electoral votes.Â… Read more ...

Even while third parties lag, election reform initiatives have a good Election Day

From CommonDreams.org:

Electoral Reform on the Ballot: Wins for Instant

Runoff Voting and More

by Rob Richie

2008 was historic in terms of the election of the first African American to be president and the largest number of voters at the polls in our history. But in the modern era, there is no excuse for privately-owned voting machines that breed mistrust, confusing ballot designs, polling places with long lines, voter registration laws that leave nearly a third of Americans off the rolls, an Electoral College system that undercuts equality and voting methods that suppress voter choice and stifle fair representation.

Read more ...