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Posts tagged as “National Prohibitionist”

Prohibition Party Celebrates New Member from ‘Queer Community’

In the January-February-March 2022 edition of the Prohibition Party’s newsletter, the National Prohibitionist, the party introduced a new member: 27-year-old Zayne Chrisathemum.  The newsletter describes Chrisathemum as a member of the “queer community (his own preferred term).”  This community benefits from Prohibition, the Prohibitionist argues, because “[r]ecreational drugs and their attendant social problems are a particular scourge” of it.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Provides Update on Ballot Access

The latest issue of The National Prohibitionist, the official publication of the Prohibition Party, provides the following update on ballot access for the party’s presidential ticket:

There is hardly anyone on sidewalks and
in other traditional places for petitioning.
Going door-to-door exposes both the peti-
tioners and the residents to germs picked
up elsewhere.

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Prohibition Party: Relaxing the rules against use of recreational drugs


ATPR: The following article, titled “Drug Legalization: Relaxing the rules against use of recreational drugs”, appeared in the April/May/June 2016 edition of the National Prohibitionist, the official newsletter of the Prohibition Party, America’s oldest continually existing third party since 1869. The full text of the article is below:

Legalization is often presented as a way to cut the cost of prisons, and it is an unfortunate fact that the “prison industry” has grown fat on the persecution of marijuana users.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Now to Receive Full Pennock Trust Income

According to the National Prohibitionist, the entirety of the George L. Pennock Trust has been restored to the Prohibition Party after half was withheld due to a 2007 settlement with longtime chairman and five-time presidential nominee Earl Dodge.  Dodge died in late 2007, but the PNC Bank of Pittsburgh continued to give half of the trust to his defunct organization — until now.… Read more ...