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Nicholas Sarwark: ‘Afghanistan and NATO’

Via LP.org and email list:

Dear Libertarian,

You have probably heard the news about the President’s plan to increase American military involvement in Afghanistan.

The Libertarian perspective is very different.

After toppling the Afghan government almost sixteen years ago, the United States entered into nation building thinking that it would help improve corners of the world that terrorists find inviting.… Read more ...

PSL: Massive NATO bombs kill Afghanis receiving fuel

Posted at PSLweb.org:

By: Sunil Freeman

Air strike feeds growing anti-war sentiment in Europe

On Fri., Sept. 4, NATO fighter jets, responding to a request from German coalition forces, dropped two 500-pound bombs on two hijacked fuel tankers near the village of Omar Khel, killing an estimated 125 people. Five civilian members of one family were among those incinerated in the fireball.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin thanks Ron Paul for Presidential endorsement

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Yesterday, September 22, Congressman Ron Paul publicly gave me his endorsement for the office of President of the United States. In his blog at the Campaign for Liberty web site, he said, “I’m supporting Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate.” (See the complete statement at:

Obviously, I could not be more delighted and honored to have Dr.

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America First Party denounces potential Ukraine, Georgia NATO membership

In a press release penned by Chairman Jon Hill, the America First Party discusses the pitfalls of accepting Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, calling it a “Very Bad and Dangerous Idea” in light of the obligations of the Cold War era alliance in relation to the South Ossetian war and ongoing tensions between Russia and its neighbors:

Like other treaties which have ensnared nations in bloody carnage during the last century, the NATO treaty provides a war guarantee; it commits the United States and its forces to heroic sacrifice and potentially to dangerous escalations with other nuclear armed nations.

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Constitution Party candidate for Oregon Senate seat criticizes McCain/Palin foreign policy

Dave Brownlow criticized Sarah Palin’s unpreparedness and “dangerous” intention to expand NATO in a recent press release. Brownlow also calls for NATO to be disbanded, saying that “whatever usefulness NATO may once have had is long gone.” He went on to criticize the Obama/Biden ticket for not offering a true alternative to these positions.… Read more ...