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Observer-Reporter Newspaper Editorial: ‘A wise observation from political fringe’

From an editorial by the The Observer-Reporter newspaper (Washington & Greene Counties of PA):

Minor political parties in the country are viewed with suspicion. Many of us dare not question the sanctity of the two-party system and consider third parties as gaggles of eccentrics on the lunatic fringe. For sure, some of them are.

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Politics in the Zeros, Antiwar.com and Infoshop News on the effects of Marxist sects on the Anti-war and Pro-immigration movements

Bob Morris in Politics in the Zeros:

Why is the antiwar movement stalled?

In two words: the left

So says Raimondo at Antiwar.com. He is scathing against leftie ideologues who don’t want a right-left coalition to fight against the insane wars of the US because that might cut into their already absurdly small power bases.

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NAACP’s Hilary Shelton says Tea Party is sheltering Nazi Party members

Bob Unruh in World Net Daily:

In a Fox News appearance, NAACP officer Hilary Shelton accused the (tea) party of sheltering those who are “tied to the Nazi party.”

They are, he said, “making their home with the tea party.”

The NAACP passed a resolution at their national convention in Kansas City calling for tea parties to expel racists.… Read more ...