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Local businessman seeks Green Party endorsement in bid for mayor of Rochester, NY

The Green Party of Monroe County, NY is currently seeking a candidate for a special mayoral election in Rochester.  Alex White, a businessman in the town, held a press conference today with 2010 Green gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins announcing his desire to run with the Greens.  … Read more ...

From FAIR and News for Greens: Reporting on new nuclear plant leaves questions

This article was posted at “News for Greens”, one of the personal blog projects of Suffolk County Green Party Chair Roger Snyder.

[From FAIR]

news-nuke.gifReports on New Nuclear Plant Leave Key Questions Unasked

On February 16, ABC World News and NBC Nightly News aired incomplete and unbalanced reports following Barack Obama’s announcement of $8 billion in new loan guarantees for a nuclear power plant in Georgia.… Read more ...