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Ralph Nader voices support for national ballot initiatives

Evan Ravitz, an advocate for direct democracy, recently posted a video of Ralph Nader endorsing the idea of national ballot initiatives in the United States.  He does not explicitly say that he supports former Senator Mike Gravel’s National Initiative for Democracy plan, but he does say that he supports a “binding national referendum.”… Read more ...

Debate on National Initiative for Democracy

At http://www.bostontea.us.
Posted to IPR by Paulie

Why I as a Libertarian support the NI4D by VTV (Neil Stephenson):

So I am a Libertarian. And I support the NI4D. Why is that?

First of all, let me begin by saying that I will not directly enact the NI4D if I were ever elected to Congress.

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How did IPR contributors and readers do on election day?

IPR founder GE shared 23,740 votes with 16 others in a slate of presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .4% of the vote.

Contributor Paulie Cannoli shared 4,983 votes with 8 other Alabama presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .2%.

Contributor Tom Knapp took 8,576 votes in Missouri’s 2nd congressional district, for 2.3%.… Read more ...

Libertarian for Congress in Michigan wins endorsement from Mike Gravel

Neil Kiernan Stephenson, a Michigan Libertarian who was a Mike Gravel delegate in Denver, has won an official endorsement from the former Alaskan Senator.

Says Sen. Gravel:

To my supporters and supporters of the National Initiative for Democracy:

I am happy to offer my endorsement of Neil Kiernan Stephenson for Congress in Michigan’s 10th district.

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