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Duensing Withdrew From Libertarian Presidential Race In Favor of Ron Paul

From an entry on Jim Duensing’s blogsite:

A Thanksgiving Note from a Former Student
Black Friday, 2011

Dr. Wolfram,

A copy of your letter on the OWS movement made its way to my email inbox – a technological convenience inaccessible, if not inconceivable, to Americans like Thomas Jefferson or even John F.

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David Colborne: Nevada’s Colleges Not The Best For Free Speech

From an article by David Colborne on the Nevada Capital Libertarian Party blog:

FIRE recently announced via Huffington Post the top seven schools in the country that respect free speech. Sadly, none of them are in Nevada – in fact, both UNR and UNLV currently receive the dreaded “red light” rating from FIRE due to open-ended sexual harassment policies and ridiculously broad prohibitions against “offensive” speech from residents of on-campus housing and users of the universities networks.

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LP of Nevada’s David Colborne seeks input from IPR readers regarding the proper functioning and growth of county affiliates

Sent to IPR by David Colborne:

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada is happy to announce that it will be hosting its first meeting since it was elected on January 29th. Here’s the agenda:

Libertarian Party of Nevada
Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Call-in Number: (702) 851-4044
Access Code: 1776
Please announce your presence when you enter.… Read more ...

Archived show: Debra Dedmon, Susan Lopez talk Nevada Brothels on Grotto Radio

For those of you who missed the live broadcast, Grotto Radio has an archive of Tuesday’s night’s show with Debra Dedmon of Libertarians for Saving Nevada Brothels (see facebook page) and Susan Lopez of Sex Workers Outreach Project.

Among other things, they discussed Harry Reid’s call to ban brothels in Nevada’s rural counties as well as the possibility of decriminalizing prostitution in Clark County, Nevada (the Las Vegas area).… Read more ...

Libertarians for Saving Nevada Brothels: ‘a perfect storm of opportunity, a win/win for women, Nevada and Libertarians…’

Email from Debra Dedmon announcing her new group, Libertarians for Saving Nevada Brothels:

A perfect storm of opportunity, a win/win for women, Nevada and Libertarians…

Legalized prostitution is a hallmark of Nevada history, and, along with gaming, essential to its unique experience with personal liberty. Not legislating morality is the foundation that turned a barren desert into an oasis and throughout the decades has attracted millions of freedom seekers from all over the world.… Read more ...

Grotto Radio tonight: Libertarian Debra Dedmon, Susan Lopez of Sex Workers Outreach Project re: Harry Reid wanting to end legal prostitution in Nevada

From comments on a previous IPR post:

Susan Lopez will be on as a Sex Workers Outreach Project-Las Vegas representative, along with Debra Dedmon of the Libertarian Party, on JD Holveck’s Grotto Radio on VegasallNetradio.com, tonight (3/1/11), 8-10 PM Pacific Time. That starting time is 11 PM on the East Coast and 10 PM here in the Central Time Zone.… Read more ...

David Colborne: ‘Don’t sweat the National Libertarian Party’

David Colborne in IPR comments:

Don’t sweat the National LP. No, seriously.

The GOP and Democrats both seem to do just fine having regional “dialects”. Republicans in California push on different issues than Republicans in Georgie. Democrats in Michigan push a different agenda than Democrats in Oregon. There’s enough in common to keep the parties together and provide some ideological consistency, but not much more than that.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Nevada 2011 Convention Minutes draft

Attached is the convention minutes draft of the controversial and contentious Libertarian Party of Nevada 2011 Convention, courtesy of Debra Dedmon.

There were 60 delegates credentialed. The votes for officer positions:

Chair Joe Silvestri won 27-26 over Sandra Darby.

Wayne Root won Vice Chair over David Colborne, 30-25.

Kris McKinster won Secretary over David Colborne, 28-25

Mike McAuliffe won Treasurer over NOTA, 33-17

Sandra Darby won Central Regional Representative without opposition.… Read more ...

Jim Duensing running for Libertarian nomination for President of USA

Speaking on WYBS radio this morning, former Libertarian Party of Nevada and Libertarian State Leadership Alliance chair Jim Duensing confirmed that he is seeking the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States.

Duensing supporters were seen at the Libertarian Party of Nevada convention this past weekend wearing Jim Duensing for President T-Shirts.… Read more ...

Wayne Root elected Vice Chair of Libertarian Party of Nevada

According to one source, Wayne Root has been elected Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. At this time, I haven’t seen the names of the other state officers, but my source says they are “friends of Wayne Root and (State Chair) Joe Silvestri who have not been active in state and local events up until now” (this report has not yet been confirmed or denied by any other sources).… Read more ...

Clark County, Nevada Libertarian Party issues Statement on Med Pot Raids

Press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

The Libertarian Party of Clark County is outraged at the recent medical marijuana raids in our county.
Voters spoke some time ago about this issue and agreed that medical marijuana should be legal in our state.

We support the right of citizens of Nevada to decide and in conjunction with the Constitution of the United States; we hold emphatically this supersedes any federal law on this matter.… Read more ...

Libertarian candidate Art Lampitt needs help to enter debates

Libertarian Party blog:

Lampit radio photoLibertarian Arthur Forest Lampitt, Jr. is running for Governor of Nevada. His campaign writes:

With less than three months to go until the General Election, we really need your help. Did you know that candidates are being excluded from DEBATES if they have not raised enough money?

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