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American Freedom Party: Election Riles Anti-White One People’s Project

From the American Freedom Party website:

Haven’t you heard? There’s a “white supremacist” evilnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews running for office in New Carlisle, Ohio. On second check, no — there’s not. The candidate, Tony Hovater, is running for a city council seat in New Carlisle, Ohio under the newly formed Traditional Workers Party.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: Why We Confront the KKK

From Nancy Reiko Kato and Toni Mendicino in Freedom Socialist:

South Carolina was once a thriving center of the Southern slavocracy. No wonder that today it is a lightning rod for the unfinished battle against racism in the USA. In the last period, a white Charleston cop was indicted for murdering Walter Scott — unarmed and Black.… Read more ...

Upcoming Maine Green Independent Party Events

mainegreensFrom a Green Independent Party email blast:

Maine Greens just like you have been busy around the state organizing events.

To get the events your local chapter is organizing listed at MaineGreens.org/Events just email us and let us know about what you’re doing!

If you don’t have a local chapter yet, sign up here, and check out these resources on how to start a group.… Read more ...

Cynthia McKinney Speaks to Black Power Convention

While the more well-known Libertarian Party National Convention is occurring this weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, a Black Power Convention is occurring in Atlanta, Georgia. The convention is hosted by the New Black Panther Party and features a number of its most prominent members, including Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, and regional director Allah Divine.… Read more ...

Allah Divine, Candidate for the New Black Panther Party, Burns American Flag

Allah Divine is a candidate for City Council in Trenton, New Jersey, for the New Black Panther Party. He is a regional rep and chapter leader of Trenton, New Jersey’s New Black Panther Party. He has made it into a runoff for the North Ward city council seat.

However, news has just been uncovered that he attended a rally in Harlem and burned an American flag.… Read more ...