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George Phillies: ‘LNC In Action’

George Phillies at Gold America Group:

Our usual sources provide us with information that we believe to be correct about LNC acts this past month.

The LNC added LP Maryland State Chair Bob Johnston to their part-time as their Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist. The LNC has finally noticed that it had inactive affiliates, that it is now trying to revive.… Read more ...

Third Party and Independent Daily covers New England Independent Gubernatorial candidates Cahill, Cutler

TPID today has an Exclusive Interview with Eliot Cutler, Independent Candidate for Governor of Maine as well as this item about Independent candidate for governor Timothy Cahill:

From WBUR:

Massachusetts Democrats gathering in Worcester for their state convention this weekend will be joined by a former member of their party.… Read more ...

Poli-Tea: ‘What are the odds of an independent sweep in the northeast?’

Posted at http://politeaparty.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-are-odds-of-independent-sweep-in.html

In the northeast, three prominent and promising independent candidates for governor continue to attract the attention of commentators who recognize the latent power of those who have declared their independence from the two-party state and the politics of the Democratic-Republican political class. In the Providence Journal, Froma Harrop reflects on the regional trend in a profile of Chafee’s candidacy in Rhode Island:

They make less of a ruckus than the Tea Party people, but independents in New England are brewing their own revolution.

Read more ...

Ballot Access News: Froma Harrop Column on Rise of Independent Governors in New England

Posted in Ballot Access News:

Froma Harrop is a syndicated columnist whose work appears in 200 newspapers. Her most recent column focuses on the fact that independent candidates for Governor this year are doing very well in the polls in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine. Thanks to Peter Gemma for the link.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation VP candidate begins speaking tour tonight

In addition to their presidential candidate’s tour of the nation, the Party for Socialism and Liberation is sending their vice presidential candidate, Eugene Puryear, on a speaking tour of the Northeast. The topic will be the same as that of Gloria La Riva’s speeches: “Economic Crisis and Endless War: Causes, Questions, and Solutions.”… Read more ...