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2018 Libertarian Party National Platform Committee Update

Thomas L. Knapp at Kn@ppster:

It’s been a little while since my last update, and simultaneously quite a bit has happened and not much has happened.

  • Caryn Ann Harlos was elected permanent chair of the committee.
  • Mimi Robson is in the middle of being elected secretary (the email ballot hasn’t ended yet, but IIRC there’s been one NOTA vote and a whole bunch of votes for her).
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Mary Ruwart: Open letter to the Florida and Idaho Libertarian Party State Executive Committees

By Mary Ruwart at Liberty for All. Republished with permission from Liberty for All publisher Lee Wrights.

by Mary J. Ruwart, LNC At-large

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you in my capacity as an At-Large Representative of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), which is in receipt of your resolutions concerning Mr.Read more ...

LP of Florida Resolution in support of Dallas for national convention

Email from Vicki Kirkland, LP of Florida Chair:

The Libertarian Party of Florida voted on their Sunday night, November 14th State Executive Committee phone conference to endorse Dallas, Texas as the site for the 2012 Naional Convention. The vote was unanimous.

See previous discussion here.

The issue will be decided at this weekend’s LNC meeting.… Read more ...

David Nolan proposes resolution for LNC consideration

As reported by George Phillies in IPR comments, Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan has proposed the following resolution to be considered at this weekend’s LNC meeting:

“WHEREAS the Libertarian Party can grow only by attracting new members and supporters, and

“WHEREAS libertarianism is a unique political philosophy, distinct from both contemporary liberalism and contemporary conservatism, and

“WHEREAS we need the support of both former liberals and former conservatives who have come to realize that libertarianism and the Libertarian Party offer a better path to achieving a just, humane and prosperous society

“The Libertarian National Committee hereby resolves that our party, its representatives and staff should always state clearly and unequivocally that we welcome individuals from across the political spectrum who now accept the libertarian principles of self-ownership and non-aggression.”… Read more ...

LNC meeting – proposed agenda (New Orleans, Nov. 20-21)

LP blog:

[Note, check back frequently for updates at above link.]

Libertarian National Committee
Chair’s Proposed Agenda
November 20-21, 2010 – New Orleans, LA

Opening Ceremony
Call to Order 9:00 am
Moment of Reflection 1 minute
Opportunity for Public Comment 10 minutes

Credentials Report and Paperwork Check 2 minutes
Adoption of Agenda 10 minutes
Report of Potential Conflicts of Interest (Mattson) 5 minutes

Officer Reports
Chair’s Report 20 minutes
Treasurer’s Report 20 minutes
Secretary’s Report 15 minutes

Staff Reports 45 minutes
Counsel’s Report 5 minutes

Reports of Standing Committees
Affiliate Support Committee (Rutherford) 5 minutes
Audit Committee (Redpath) 2 minutes
Convention Oversight Committee (Nolan) 5 minutes
Outreach Committee (Visek) 5 minutes
IT Committee (Flood) 15 minutes

Reports of Special Committees

Items Postponed from Previous Meeting
Ballot Access Petitioning Requirements (Wiener) 30 minutes

New Business with Previous Notice
Appointment of 2012 Bylaws Committee (Karlan) 20 minutes
New Mexico Legal Assistance (Olsen) 15 minutes

New Business without Previous Notice
Selection of Convention Site (Mattson) 60 minutes
2011 Budget (Executive Committee) 60 minutes
Building Fund Project (Hinkle/Neale) 30 minutes
LP of Oregon Convention (Karlan) 20 minutes

Opportunity for Public Comment 10 minutes

TOTAL: 410 minutes… Read more ...

Prominent Independents Consider Running For LA-2

Tommie Vassel, a New Orleans resident and Orleans Parish Sewage and Water Board member, is considering an Independent run for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. He isn’t the only independent considering the race, though. Reverend Byron Clay, the immediate past President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, is being urged by many to enter the race too.… Read more ...

Malik Rahim tackles Superbowl

From Democracy Now!, by way of On The Wilder Side

DAVE ZIRIN: I was speaking to [former Green Party Congressional candidate] Malik Rahim, who I know you’ve had on your show before, a former Black Panther Party member, someone who has been a community activist in New Orleans for thirty years.… Read more ...

Two independent candidates in race for Mayor of New Orleans

WDSU reports:

Marijuana Legalization Key In Jacobs’ Platform
Mayoral Candidate Pushing For ‘Social Change’

NEW ORLEANS — Independent candidate Jerry Jacobs says social change is the cornerstone of his political platform, and he’s pushing the legalization of marijuana.

Jacobs said legalizing marijuana will do for the city of New Orleans what ending Prohibition did for the country in 1933.… Read more ...

Former Green candidate Malik Rahim’s Republican opponent faces recall petition

From the Bayou Buzz (h/t to Daily Kos):

Congressman Joseph “Anh”Cao, a Republican, who defeated William “Bill” Jefferson [and Malik Rahim – Ross] is facing a recall petition because of his vote on the Barack Obama stimulus package. The recall has been initiated by a group of ministers.

Cao had indicated that he would be voting in favor of the controversial legislation but instead voted against it.Read more ...

Malik Rahim campaign manager thanks supporters, provides post-campaign analysis

Posted at On The Wider Side

Dear Supporters of Malik Rahim for Congress:

Thank you for your hard work, monetary contributions, and dedication to Malik’s Green Party Congressional campaign. As Malik Rahim’s campaign manager, I really cannot thank you enough! As you have probably heard, Malik did not win in the 2nd Louisiana Congressional District election held December 6, 2008.

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On The Wilder Side: Election Day Malik Rahim coverage

See here and here.


Good news in just the title of the latest AP story. There are pages of google news articles from media outlets that published the AP headline: “Indicted Louisiana congressman tries to get re-elected” (That refers to Malik’s opponent, the Democrat incumbent who is facing corruption charges, partly for having $90,000 in cash in his refrigerator.)

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