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Juan Williams: House Freedom Caucus should leave GOP and form their own party


Juan Williams writes at Fox News:

The quickest path to a return to health for the party is a political divorce.

The Tea Party activists need to make it official and petition to form their own political party. Heritage Action, the Senate Conservative Fund and right-wing talk radio can lead the Tea Party faithful to the exit.

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Washington Post Columnist Calls for Centrist Third Party Movement

From Matt Miller at the Washington Post via Third Party and Independent Daily:

I’m a Clinton White House alum who had hoped President Obama could usher in the debate we need. It’s hardly all his fault that we’re not there, but I’m convinced the parties’ interest groups and “thought police” make real progress impossible without a new force that shakes things up.

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Sen. Lincoln Chafee: Evan Bayh, independents, and a new third party

Placed literally in the middle of an op-ed piece by Senator Evan Bayh about why he is leaving the Senate, the New York Times today ran a piece by former Senator and current independent candidate for Rhode Island governor addressing the topic of a new third party emerging.  Chafee speculates on Bayh running for president independent of the two major parties in 2012 and a new major party possibly emerging, as the Republicans did in 1856.… Read more ...