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New York Conservative Party Picks Senatorial Nominee Wendy Long

The Conservative Party of New York has nominated as its senatorial candidate Wendy Long, who is in a three way primary for the Republican Party’s nomination.

New York’s Conservative Party nominated a strong social and fiscal conservative, Wendy Long, as its Senate candidate on Monday — handing Long’s Republican Party bid a significant boost but also threatening to divide Republican voters.

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New York Conservative Party in Position to Injure Two of the Four Republican State Senators who Voted For Same-Sex Marriage

From an article published on BallotAccess.org on June 26th, 2011

The story of the New York State Senate vote on same-sex marriage on the evening of June 24 has been well-reported. Many news stories, including this one, mention that the Conservative Party of New York says it will not cross-endorse any Republican State Senator who voted in favor of the bill.

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Conservative Party of New York State: Have you signed our postcard to cut spending?


The Conservative Party of NYS is committed to the taxpayers of New York State and know that cutting spending has to be the top priority of the Administration and Legislature. Please join our efforts by signing our post card that urges Governor Cuomo to keep his promise made to the citizens of New York State during his campaign that he will not increase taxes and fees or borrow to balance the state budget.… Read more ...

New York Conservative Party Unknowingly Nominated a Dead Person for State Senate in 2010

Ballot Access News:

This New York Times story explains that the Conservative Party nominee for State Senate, 31st district, in 2010, was deceased before the party nominated him. Dr. Raphael M. Klapper, of the Bronx, died in May 2010. But during June and July, a petition was circulated to qualify him for the Conservative Party primary.… Read more ...

Liberty Lion: ‘Dan Halloran – The first Governor Elected On The Libertarian Party Line?’

Dr. Tom Stevens writes at Liberty Lion:

New York City Council Member Dan Halloran represents 161,000 constituents and is the highest elected Libertarian Party official in the nation elected from a single district in a partisan race. He ran as a fusion candidate and appeared on the ballot in 2009 as the candidate of the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Libertarian Parties.… Read more ...

Dr. Tom Stevens announces plans to form Personal Freedom Party in New York

In IPR comments on a previous post, Dr. Tom Stevens writes

In light of the continued failure of the LP in New York, the Personal Freedom Party will be giving it a shot in 2014. They just adopted a platform which you can see at:

This assumes that the LPNY in fact failed to obtain the 50,000 votes in the race for Governor that are required to obtain ballot status.… Read more ...

NY Conservative Party: Judicial Race win; US House candidate gets 6% despite suspending campaign

Austin Cassidy reports at Uncovered Politics that Doug Hoffman got 6% as a Conservative Party candidate in NY-23, despite suspending his campaign before the election. Just as in the special election in 2009, Hoffman’s votes represented more than the margin of victory. Democrat Bill Owens won both elections.

And, in the race for Suffolk County Family Court judge, Conservative Bernard C.… Read more ...

Conservative Party of New York State Launches Statwide TV Ads


Conservative Party State Chairman, Mike Long, today unveiled a statewide TV ad campaign designed to remind voters “It means more when you vote on the Conservative Party line for Carl Paladino.”

“There is something going on in the country, and right here in New York, that the politicians just don’t understand.… Read more ...

Lazio, Paladino and their alternative party backup plans

According to Quinnipiac polling, “Former Congressman Rick Lazio leads businessman Carl Paladino 47 – 35 percent among New York State Republican likely primary voters in the race for Governor, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. But 18 percent of Republican voters remain undecided and 49 percent of those who do name a candidate say they might change their mind before the September 14 primary.… Read more ...

Warren Redlich challenges Carl Paladino about his contributions to Chuck Schumer, Liberals, Democrats

Email from Redlich campaign manager Eric Sundwall:

May 22, 2010 – Primary Challenge Event

Warren Redlich challenges Carl Paladino about his contributions to Chuck Schumer.

Warren Redlich is the Libertarian nominee for Governor of New York, and is also seeking the Republican nomination (New York allows candidates to run under multiple parties).… Read more ...

Carl Paladino Rides the Eerie Canal

Carl Paladino is a gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party and Conservative Party in New York. He claims that if he does not receive the nomination of the Conservative Party, he will petition to form a Tea Party of New York ballot-line. It appears Paladino’s statewide tour is going to occur via water.… Read more ...

Capital Tonight: ‘Long Scozzafavas Doheny’

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com. Originally posted at CapitalTonight.com – see original for embedded links and a copy of Long’s memo.

Seeking to put to rest rumors that his support of Doug Hoffman might be wavering, state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long sent a memo today to NY-23 county leaders and committee members seeking to tie Hoffman’s GOP primary opponent, Matt Doheny, to the woman he forced out of last year’s special election, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.… Read more ...