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Warren Redlich: Johnson’s Poor Choice of Friends

From an email sent to IPR:

Dear IPR,

I know the Gary Johnson / LP thing is brewing and thought [some of the IPR readership] might be interested in my two cents.

I used to be a fan of Gary Johnson. This arose mainly out of his public opposition to the War on Drugs.… Read more ...

With a very small sample, good news for third parties in New York

The Board of Elections in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York posts results as they come in from the precincts. By studying the sets as they come, and looking when it was at 1.15%, and now up to 3.82%, many of the third party candidates are hovering at about the 1% mark.… Read more ...

In NY: Setback for Conservative Party and Working Families Party

The full decision is posted as a pdf at Ballot Access News: here.

(excerpt from) Newsday
Court ruling a mutual setback for Conservatives, Working Families

by Dan Janison

Two ideological foes — the Conservative Party and Working Families Party — found common ground recently by jointly suing to change one of the aspects of the new voting system.

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