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American Shopping Party Picks Brock Pierce as 2020 Presidential Nominee

The American Shopping Party, which has ballot access in Hawaii, nominated independent presidential candidate Brock Pierce for president and Karla Ballard for vice president, according to the Hawaii Office of Elections.

Pierce is a former child actor who has had success as cryptocurrency entrepreneur.

According to Wikipedia, the Pierce/Ballard ticket currently has ballot access in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York (Independence Party), Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, Washington, D.C.,… Read more ...

New York Daily News Says Thomas Golisano is a Major Backer of the National Popular Vote Plan

Ballot Access News:

According to this story in the New York Daily News, Thomas Golisano is one of the major financial backers of the movement to pass the National Popular Vote Plan bills. Golisano was the Independence Party’s gubernatorial candidate in New York in 1994, 1998, and 2002. Each time he ran, he received a larger share of the vote.… Read more ...

Michael Bloomberg News Roundup

  • Bloomberg participated in an event launching a “No Labels” movement in New York earlier in December. The Washington Post explained,

The group hopes to build a network of citizen activists and establish offices in all 435 congressional districts. Beginning in January, members plan to police the new Congress, calling out lawmakers they think are too partisan and speaking up for those who cross party lines to find solutions.

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Liberty Lion: ‘Dan Halloran – The first Governor Elected On The Libertarian Party Line?’

Dr. Tom Stevens writes at Liberty Lion:

New York City Council Member Dan Halloran represents 161,000 constituents and is the highest elected Libertarian Party official in the nation elected from a single district in a partisan race. He ran as a fusion candidate and appeared on the ballot in 2009 as the candidate of the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Libertarian Parties.… Read more ...

Independence Party of New York Legislator Pens Editorial

New York Assemblyman Tim Gordon is one of two Independence Party legislators in the New York Assembly. He penned an editorial for the Troy Record, which appeared in the paper on Monday. It reads, in part:

Like you, I am weary of the state government’s inability to finalize a responsible budget.

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Working Families Party Opposes Non-Partisan Elections In New York City

Michael Bloomberg, probably the nation’s most high profile Independent politician, is attempting to abolish parties in New York City elections. Many of the local third parties, though, oppose the plan.

Eliminating parties in elections would “be an open invitation for self-funded candidates, who do not go through primaries and dominate elections based on money,” Mr.

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New York Independence Party Legislator Wants to Repeal Salt Water Fishing License

Fred Thiele is one of two members of the New York Assembly (the Lower house) who is a member of the Independence Party of New York. Assemblyman Thiele has introduced a bill to repeal the State Salt Water Fishing License Law.

Thiele stated, “While questions of fact remain concerning the type of fish which are subject to the state law, the specific town fishing regulations, and the exact boundaries or waterways over which the Towns claim jurisdiction, it is clear in his ruling against the State that Justice Sweeney accepts the premise that the Towns have jurisdiction over their waterways and that the State went far beyond the federal Magnuson-Stevens Act.

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Elected Independent being mentioned for open US House seat

New York Assemblyman Tim Gordon is a two-term representative who serves inside Kirsten Gillibrand’s House District. He is being considered, by Democrats in the 20th District, as the Democratic nominee. He is a registered member of the New York Independence Party, and the sole member of the New York legislature who is a member of that party.… Read more ...