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NY Poll: Sharpe Likely to Win Ballot Access

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York, did well in a late September poll conducted by Siena College Research Institute. Poll numbers showed Sharpe getting 2% of the vote from likely voters. This is better than the numbers for Howie Hawkins, who usually does well enough to maintain ballot access for the Green Party.… Read more ...

New York Libertarians sue for ballot access, accuse state of failure to count votes

From New York LP chair Mark Axinn via LP blog:

Libertarian Party Candidate Files Lawsuit against NYS Board of Elections for Failure to Count Votes

Warren Redlich, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor of New York in the 2010 election, today filed a lawsuit in Albany County Supreme Court against the New York State Board of Elections, directing the state agency to cease ignoring votes cast for the Libertarian Party.

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Conservative Party of New York State: Have you signed our postcard to cut spending?


The Conservative Party of NYS is committed to the taxpayers of New York State and know that cutting spending has to be the top priority of the Administration and Legislature. Please join our efforts by signing our post card that urges Governor Cuomo to keep his promise made to the citizens of New York State during his campaign that he will not increase taxes and fees or borrow to balance the state budget.… Read more ...

Green Party’s Howie Hawkins Challenges NY Governor Cuomo’s “Alice in Wonderland Approach to Budget”

Green Party of NY State via On The Wilder Side:

Hawkins Opposes Cuomo’s Proposals for Tax Cuts to the Rich, Job Cuts

Says Single Payer Health Care is the Solution to Medicaid

Howie Hawkins, the former Green Party candidate for Governor, said today that Cuomo’s proposals to resolve the state’s alleged $9 billion state budget deficit by giving a $5 billion tax cut for the wealthy and laying off more than 10,000 state workers was doomed to failure and would be rejected by state lawmakers.… Read more ...

Harry Davis, seeking Green nomination for Rochester, NY mayor, explains why he is running and why labor should support him

Harry Davis, one of two announced candidates for the Green nomination in the race for mayor of Rochester, sent the following two statements to contact.ipr@gmail.com.

The first, on why he is running:

Why I am Running

Our City of Rochester has had three mayors in three weeks.

It is now Week Four, so we should be expecting a new mayor any day now.… Read more ...

Another candidate seeking Green endorsement in Rochester, NY mayoral race

Frequent candidate and political activist Harry Davis has announced, after an interview with the party, that he is seeking the Green Party endorsement in the race for mayor of Rochester, New York.  A special election is taking place soon and only ballot qualified parties can run candidates.  Local businessman Alex White is also seeking the nomination.… Read more ...

Local businessman seeks Green Party endorsement in bid for mayor of Rochester, NY

The Green Party of Monroe County, NY is currently seeking a candidate for a special mayoral election in Rochester.  Alex White, a businessman in the town, held a press conference today with 2010 Green gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins announcing his desire to run with the Greens.  A video is included below.  … Read more ...

AP story on growing Green and Conservative influence in NY State runs in several papers

As the title suggests, an Associated Press story about the growing influence of the Green and Conservative Parties – through their better ballot placement – since the 2010 election ran in several newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal:

The big winners after November’s elections were the state’s Conservative and the Green parties.

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Monroe County, NY Green Party elects officers

With the Green Party ballot-qualified statewide and the county party in the process of deciding a mayoral candidate, the Green Party of Monroe County, New York has elected new officers:

Vinessa Buckland and Scott Brant are co-chairs.

Buckland is a recent State University College at Brockport graduate and is on the board of the Genesee Valley Civil Liberties Union.

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Green Party certified as ballot qualified Party in NY; elects statewide officers

A press release from the Green Party:

Green Party of New York State
Media Release


The Green Party was officially certified Monday by the NYS Board of Elections as the newest ballot qualified party, with the Hawkins-Mattera Gubernatorial ticket receiving 59,928 votes. 50,000 votes for Governor is needed to qualify a party.… Read more ...

Liberty Lion: ‘Dan Halloran – The first Governor Elected On The Libertarian Party Line?’

Dr. Tom Stevens writes at Liberty Lion:

New York City Council Member Dan Halloran represents 161,000 constituents and is the highest elected Libertarian Party official in the nation elected from a single district in a partisan race. He ran as a fusion candidate and appeared on the ballot in 2009 as the candidate of the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Libertarian Parties.… Read more ...

Personal Freedom Party: ‘Tell Your Children! Fight The Menace! Kill The Devil! Save The Country!’

Via Liberty Lion:

On November 11, 2010, the Personal Freedom Party adopted the following Slogan:

Tell Your Children! Fight The Menace! Kill The Devil! Save The Country!

The phrase was used in the song “Reefer Madness” from Reefer Madness: The Musical, which is a musical satire of the 1938 cult movie classic Tell Your Children (now commonly referred to as Reefer Madness).

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