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Dr. Tom Stevens announces plans to form Personal Freedom Party in New York

In IPR comments on a previous post, Dr. Tom Stevens writes

In light of the continued failure of the LP in New York, the Personal Freedom Party will be giving it a shot in 2014. They just adopted a platform which you can see at:

This assumes that the LPNY in fact failed to obtain the 50,000 votes in the race for Governor that are required to obtain ballot status.… Read more ...

NY: Libertarian Candidate for Congress Running Against War on Drugs

From Syracuse.com via TPID:

Syracuse, NY – A Syracuse man who wants to make drugs legal jumped today into the 25th Congressional District race. Marc Romain, the former chairman of the Onondaga County Libertarian Party, filed petitions with the state Board of Elections to run as a Libertarian against incumbent Rep.… Read more ...

Capital Tonight: ‘Long Scozzafavas Doheny’

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com. Originally posted at CapitalTonight.com – see original for embedded links and a copy of Long’s memo.

Seeking to put to rest rumors that his support of Doug Hoffman might be wavering, state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long sent a memo today to NY-23 county leaders and committee members seeking to tie Hoffman’s GOP primary opponent, Matt Doheny, to the woman he forced out of last year’s special election, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.… Read more ...

The Green Party of New York State’s response to the Governor’s State of the State Speech

Repost from onthewilderside. Based on a GPNYS press release:

The Green Party of New York State calls Gov. Paterson’s response to New York State’s ongoing economic and political crisis inadequate.

In his speech Gov. Paterson named fiscal reform, ethics reform, and political reform as the most pressing problems facing New Yorkers in 2010.

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Tues. Aug 18th is a big day for third parties in New York State

(excerpt from) onthewilderside
For the politically curious in NY: Tues. Aug. 18th is a big day!

For potential candidates in New York State, tomorrow, Tuesday, August 18, 2009, is the last day to file in person (or mail) an “independent nominating petition” to run for office in November. That would mean anyone who was running on an alternative, “made-up”, or third party (without automatic ballot status) line has that due date.

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NY Times recommends filing fee in place of petitions

(excerpt from) The New York Times – an opinion piece
To Reform Albany: Start Here

Published: August 7, 2009

[Re: Election law in New York State] …Right now, the rules — on campaign finance, redistricting, even ballot access — overwhelmingly discourage competition. The good news is that New Yorkers are fed up…

OPEN THE BALLOT TO MORE CANDIDATES The rules for getting on a ballot in New York are absurd.

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NYS Independence Party Chair appointed to a law school board

Frank MacKay is the Chairman of the NY Independence Party. MacKay has also been a leading figure in recent attempts to get the Independence Party to go national (though, based on the national web-site, that effort seems halted.)

Sent to an e-mail circle, and listed as a press release: here.Read more ...