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Independent Media Crushes Mainstream Over So-Called “Muslim Ban”

The mainstream media yesterday discarded whatever credibility it had left in its coverage of an executive order from Donald Trump.

This is an editorial from IPR owner Warren Redlich. I am certainly not pro-Trump (currently suing three of his surrogates), nor do I agree with Trump’s policies, but I am pro-truth.Read more ...

Gary Johnson campaign runs full-page ad in today’s New York Times calling for debate inclusion

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News reports today:

The September 14 New York Times print edition contains a full-page ad from the Gary Johnson-Bill Weld presidential campaign, subtitled, “An Open Letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates.” It points out that polls show 62% of the public want the Libertarian ticket in the debates.

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Darrell Castle: Putin Speaks to America


September 13, 2013 – Darrell Castle discusses Vladimir Putin’s op-ed that was published in the New York Times on Wednesday, September 11, 2013. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate.


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New York Times Publishes Obituary of Howard Phillips

By Bruce Weber

Published: April 23, 2013

Howard J. Phillips, a pillar of conservative activism who ran for president three times on the ticket of a political party he helped found, died on Saturday at his home in Vienna, Va. He was 72.

The cause was temporal frontal lobe dementia, his sister, Susan Phillips Bari, said.

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NY Times: Senate Could Hinge On Independent, Angus King

Angus King is, by all accounts, doing well in his Independent run to claim the open U.S. Senate seat in Maine formerly held by Republican Olympia Snow. Polling shows him way ahead and most people expect him to win the seat, barring a major campaign blunder in the coming months. Now the New York Times is taking notice of King too and predicting that he could play a major role in the future of the U.S.… Read more ...

Johnson Says He’s Been Vetted by the Libertarian Party

Over at the New York Times blog, The Caucus, Gary Johnson has been interviewed and delivers some key messages on the future of his candidacy. He also states how he feels about his nomination chances.

Q. How confident are you that you will get the Libertarian Party nomination for president?


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Jill Stein featured on New York Times’ ‘The Caucus’ blog

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was interviewed by the New York Times today, for their blog The Caucus.  The full interview can be read here.

Q. Why are you running for president?

Jill Stein, a Green Party candidate for president, during her campaign for governor in May 29, 2002.Michael Manning/Associated PressJill Stein, a Green Party candidate for president, during her campaign for governor of Massachusetts in 2002.
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Root: Krugman Wrong on Capital Gains

Paul Krugman Is Wrong About Capital Gains Taxes
by Wayne Allyn Root – Capitalist Evangelist


Paul Krugman is a liberal. He’s also untruthful on the topic of capital gain taxes. Like President Barack Obama and most liberal Democratic politicians, Krugman’s contortions about capital gains taxes are so pathetic you’d think he owned stock in Pinnochio Inc.… Read more ...

NY Times invites letters regarding the necessity of a third party in the United States

Every week the New York Times prints one letter under the heading “Invitation to a Dialogue,” and then prints responses to it in the Sunday paper.  This week, the letter is calling for a “centrist” third party in America.  Any interested readers should write in to the Times.

A centrist third party could prosper in today’s political environment and end the stalemate in Washington.

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Survey: 11% of Wall Street Occupiers are Green Party members

Via Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

On the New York Times blog “The Caucus”, a post entitled “Occupy Protestors Down on Obama, Survey Finds” has some interesting numbers for Greens:

Dr. Panagopoulos described the protesters as “disgruntled Democrats.” Sixty percent of those surveyed said they voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and about three-quarters now disapprove of Mr.

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New York Times reports on Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, and Democratic Socialist progress on- and offline

From The New York Times:

The Socialist Party U.S.A. does distribute red cards to members willing to “subscribe to the principles” of the party, but another leftist group, the Democratic Socialists of America, prefers online registration, with members using a virtual shopping cart to pay yearly dues of about $60 by credit card — Marx be damned.

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Washington Post Columnist Calls for Centrist Third Party Movement

From Matt Miller at the Washington Post via Third Party and Independent Daily:

I’m a Clinton White House alum who had hoped President Obama could usher in the debate we need. It’s hardly all his fault that we’re not there, but I’m convinced the parties’ interest groups and “thought police” make real progress impossible without a new force that shakes things up.

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