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Student-Columnists Blast the Two-Party State, Call for Third Party and Independent Alternatives


Over the last few weeks, in opinion pieces for college and university newspapers across the country, students have stepped up their criticism of the reigning two-party state and duopoly system of government. AJ Warne writes for the Daily Athenaeum, out of West Virginia University, and argues that the “rise of a third (or fourth) party will better the political landscape.”… Read more ...

ME-Gov: Independent Eliot Cutler Receives Avalanche of Endorsements

In Maine’s gubernatorial race, it appears that Independent candidate Eliot Cutler has all the momentum.  Republican front-runner Paul LePage has maintained a weak lead with roughly 33% support in the polls, while support has begun to erode for Democrat Libby Mitchell.  But support for Cutler has doubled over the last month, leaving him poised to give LePage a run for his money on election day. … Read more ...

Ballot Access News: Springfield, Massachusetts Newspaper Opposes Inclusive U.S. Senate Debate

Ballot Access News reports:

The December 17 issue of The Republican, the daily newspaper of Springfield, Massachusetts, has this editorial, opposing any 3-candidate debates in the upcoming special election for U.S. Senate. The independent candidate, Joseph L. Kennedy, should be excluded, the paper argues, because he is “little-known” and “no relation to the family of the deceased Senator.”… Read more ...

Wayne Root: ‘Let Newspapers Fail!’

Bailout of Newspapers Threatens Free Speech and Editorial Independence.

Bailouts Constitute “Legal Bribery.”

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
“The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts”

Members of Congress have recently suggested that the federal government should undertake a billion dollar newspaper bailout.… Read more ...