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Top State House Green Party Campaigns

Via Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

This list was put together by Brent McMillan, consisting of Green Party campaigns for State House (or Assembly) seats. It includes all of the races that finished with over 15% of the vote in 2010:

  • Mark Miller for State Representative 3rd Berkshire District, MA 4,459 votes 45.0%
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Nicholas Payne Honors Daughter in Run for State House

In Connecticut, Green Party member Nicholas Payne wants to be next State Representative from the 67th District. The candidate is quite clear about his motivations:

“I’m doing this so other families don’t have to bury their kids; that’s the real reason,” said Payne, whose 22-year-old daughter, Rebecca, a Northeastern University student in Boston, was shot to death in her off-campus apartment two years ago.

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