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Posts tagged as “nonpartisan”

Richard Winger: South Dakota Initiative For Non-Partisan Elections for All Office Except President

SDakotaMap2From Ballot Access News:

A South Dakota state constitutional amendment is being circulated to make all offices in South Dakota non-partisan, except for President. All candidates would run in June, and then the top two vote-getters would run in November. No party labels would be on the ballot, except for President.… Read more ...

Robert Stark:”New Independent Centrist Movement an Establishment Front”

Robert Stark at the LA Nonpartisan Examiner looks at who is behind the “No Labels” faction:

A new political organization called “No Labels” , founded in December, is seeking to appeal to independents who have rejected the existing two parties. No Labels does not take official positions on issues and claims that it does not intend to start a third party.  Read more ...