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Neimackle to blame for Franken win?

Over at the ItsOnlyWords blog, they’ve chimed in on the old Franken vs. Coleman discussion and whether third-party candidates spoiled it for one candidate or another. This time, though, Dean Barkley is not the topic of dicussion. Instead, they’ve focused their analysis on James Neimackle, the Constitution Party candidate.

Today, however, I chanced upon an interesting tidbit of information.

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A conclusion draws near in the Minnesota Senate race

In the highly contested recount between incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman and challenger Democratic Farmer Laborer Al Franken, only a few hundred votes are putting Franken in the lead.  After more absentee ballots were counted today by the Minnesota Canvassing Board, Franken’s lead increased.  Of the ballots counted, 52% went for Franken, 33% for Coleman, and the rest didn’t have someone listed or voted for “other.” … Read more ...