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Virgil Goode Opposed to Agenda21, NDAA, Globalism, and North American Union

In this interview, conducted by a reporter with the group called USWGO, Virgil Goode answers questions regarding a wide variety of questions, including Agenda21, National Defense Authorization Act, the North American Union, Illegal Immigration, and the TSA.


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What happened to ‘Independents Day?’ asks author and radio host Michael Medved

Writing for an Ohio newspaper, Michael Medved asked the question, “Why the Third Party Bust in 2008?” His answer is a combination of reasons: Democratic and Republican primary contestors who zapped the excitement from third parties, major party candidates who are marketed toward “cantankerous independents,” and more. The opinion piece begins:

Final returns are still weeks away, but it’s not too early to acknowledge one of the big surprises of the presidential election of 2008: the disastrous decline of fringe party candidates in a year that once seemed ripe for their efforts.

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