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Three Libertarians booted off North Dakota Ballot

Associated Press reports,

A federal judge says three Libertarian candidates for the North Dakota Legislature don`t have a right to be on the November ballot.

Ballot Access News adds,

North Dakota has very small legislative districts. One of the plaintiffs, Richard Ames, ran in a district (the 25th) which had only 1,033 votes cast in the June 2010 primary for all three ballot-qualified parties, for State Senate.

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North Dakota Libertarians suing for spot on fall ballot

Associated Press:

Three Libertarian candidates for the North Dakota Legislature plan to sue to get on the November ballot.

Libertarian Party Chairman Richard Ames of Wahpeton says the lawsuit should be filed this week in federal court in Fargo.

Ames was a Libertarian candidate for the North Dakota Senate in last month’s primary election.… Read more ...