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Former Green national committee member: GPUS, R.I.P.

John Walsh, a former member of the Green Party‘s national committee, has written an article for CounterPunch declaring the party “now lies in the political graveyard”, citing numerous examples of dysfunctional organization and counterproductive agendas in what he characterizes as a “badly needed postmortem”:

In the summer of 2007 when I was newly elected to the GPUS National Committee as a representative from MA, I felt that the GPUS was indeed viable.

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November5 begins to take shape

After the presidential campaign ended, Ralph Nader’s campaign launched a website called november5.org. It had a video promising that the Nader camaign would be transformed. It would turn into a citizen lobbying effort, with volunteers in every congressional district in the country, all moving forward progressive ideals.

Now, a letter has been sent to those who signed up on november5.org… Read more ...