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George Phillies: End the Surveillance State

163688_485346136555_7340734_nEnd the Surveillance State

Innocence is no protection

Massive warrantless Federal spying watches your every move. Your every phone call and email message is recorded. License plate recognition shows where and when you drove your car.

You might say ‘I don’t care. I have nothing to hide.’

Let’s consider what that claim misses.… Read more ...

Salon: Better To Not Protest the NSA Than To Hold Hands With Libertarians

Found at Hit and Run Blog at Reason

Better To Not Protest the NSA Than To Hold Hands With Libertarians, Says Progressive Scribbler
By JDTuccille

Writing at Salon, “New York based journalist and consultant to progressive causes” Tom Watson objects to the anti-surveillance Stop Watching Us rally, scheduled for October 26 in Washington, D.C.,… Read more ...

LP.org: Rally to protest mass surveillance in D.C. Saturday, Oct. 26, will feature Gov. Gary Johnson

Posted on October 3, 2013

Stop Watching UsThe heroic revelations made by whistleblower Edward Snowden have let the world know: The NSA is watching you and has undermined the fabric of the Internet. Its overreaching surveillance creates a climate of fear, chills free speech, and violates our basic human rights — your Fourth Amendment right to privacy.

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Darrell Castle: The Path of the Leviathan


Darrell Castle talks about courageous CEO’s and companies who shut down rather than comply with NSA warrantless surveilance demands. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate.


Listen to more Castle Report podcasts on Sound Cloud, or choose from the complete collection at www.castlereport.us.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle: The “Warhawk Syndrome” – Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace?

Posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page July 26th:

Is it Perpetual War or Perpetual Peace?

Darrell Castle talks about recent statements made by Senator Lindsey Graham and Governor Chris Christie. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate.


Listen to more Castle Report podcasts on Sound Cloud or choose from the complete collection at www.castlereport.usRead more ...

United States Pirate Party Condemns Governement Spying, Demands NSA Deliver Transparency, Phone Records


Sunday, June 9, 2013



In recent days, it has become known that the United States National Security Agency obtained a secret court order two months ago requiring the telecommunications company Verizon to hand over vast amounts of data.… Read more ...

American Freedom Party: Israel and the NSA Scandal

June 30, 2013 |Posted on the American Freedom Party website

By Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald is a professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach and is a a member of the Board of Directors of the American Freedom Party.

Steve Sailer has an article on the tie-in between Israeli high tech firms and the NSA spying on American citizens (“Does Israel Have a Backdoor to US Intelligence?Read more ...

Vermont LP News: NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional and Celebrating the Life of Hardy Macia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                     
June 17, 2013

Vermont Libertarian Party Calls NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

While our representatives with as diverse views as Lindsay Graham and Diane Feinstein call Edward Snowden a traitor, others with just as diverse views such as Rand Paul and Dr. Daniel Ellsberg call him a hero.  The question that has to be answered is whether what the NSA has done is constitutional or not.… Read more ...

South Carolina LP: Hasn’t Lindsey Graham Learned Anything From History?

For Immediate Release: 06/11/13
South Carolina Libertarian Party

Victor Kocher, Chairman
Timothy Moultrie, Press Secretary

Hasn’t Lindsey Graham Learned Anything From History?

National news revolves around the NSA’s “legal” metadata mining and monitoring of telephone records of millions of innocent United States citizens. A much ignored sub-current in news is the parallel attack on the rights of citizens buried in the Senate revision of US immigration law.… Read more ...

Tona Monroe: Don’t Yield an Inch

The following article was published on the Libertarian Party of Tennessee website on June 19, 2013:

Don’t Yield an Inch

By Tona Monroe

I considered posting about former FBI agent Tim Clemente’s “Welcome to America” comment some time ago, and I believe that Greenwald’s writing has since possibly opened the door for other people captive in the federal government to find a place they could vent to.… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: No action should be taken against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

No action should be taken against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden 
June 10, 2013
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and King Downing

“Hands Off” Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers. “Hands Off” the privacy of Americans.

The Green Shadow Cabinet’s Government Transparency and Accountability Department calls on the Obama administration to “stand down” from action against National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle: Where Have All The Liberals Gone?

Darrell Castle talks about the surveillance scandal at NSA and looks back at 60′s and 70′s Liberals who favored civil liberties vs today’s Progressives who don’t. Castle was the Constitution Party’s nominee for vice-president in 2008 and is considering seeking the CP’s nomination for president in 2016.

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