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Illinois Greens slam nuclear moratorium repeal and tire burning bills

Press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Phil Huckelberry
Illinois Green Party Chair

Patrick Kelly
Illinois Green Party Media Coordinator

Green Party leaders and candidates have expressed outrage at a recent
State Senate vote to repeal the Illinois moratorium against new
nuclear production. Senate Bill 3388 passed the Senate 40-1 on March
15, in an unexpected move after similar bills in previous years failed
to move beyond the floor of either chamber.… Read more ...

Greens Blast Move to Repeal IL Nuclear Moratorium

h/t to my co-blogger, Ian Wilder, who published this story at www.onthewilderside.com

Green Party blasts legislative move to repeal Nuclear Moratorium; Calls attempt an effort to undermine Renewable Energy

Green Party leaders condemned legislative attempts to repeal the Illinois moratorium against new nuclear production.  House Bill 875 and Senate Bill 2162 would delete the provision in state law prohibiting the construction of new nuclear facilities until the nuclear waste storage issue is resolved.… Read more ...