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The Green Party of Ohio opposes the ratepayer-borne bailout of FirstEnergy for nuclear and coal plants

Earlier today the Ohio Greens issued a statement urging the Ohio Public Utilities Commission to reject ratepayer increases so that two ‘unprofitable’ power plants can continue to operate.

The full statement can be read on the national Green Party web site.… Read more ...

Florida Green Party calls for state to shut down and phase out nuclear power plants

From the Daily Loaf:

In Florida, there are currently five nuclear reactors in operation in Florida, with two at Turkey Point on Biscayne Bay, two in Port St. Lucie, and one at Crystal River. The Crystal River reactor (CR-3) has been shut down for repairs since September 2009, when a large crack was discovered in the concrete and steel containment vessel.

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California Green with family in Japan addresses crisis there

Via Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch:

The national Green party issued the following press release. It addresses the situation in Japan from the perspective of someone with family there. It’s by Wes Rolley, former co-chair of the Eco-Action Committee, and writer at California Greening

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contact: Laura Wells 510.504.4254 lwells@cagreens.org… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: In Solidarity with the People of Japan

by Andrea Pason and Billy Wharton, co-chairs Socialist Party USA

March 15, 2011 – The Socialist Party USA extends its most sincere wishes of sympathy and solidarity to the people of Japan as they suffer from the greatest tragedy since World War II. We have watched in horror as the deadly Tsunami wiped out whole towns, killing tens of thousands of people.… Read more ...

Ga. Greens: Danger from Fukushima nuclear plant damage should be a warning to Georgians

Press release from Georgia Greens:

Fukushima Radioactive Release Should Serve as Warning Greens Urge
Obama to Withdraw Loan Guarantees for Nukes

“We are horrified, but not at all surprised by this latest nuclear
accident,” said Denice Traina, a health-care worker residing in
Augusta Georgia and former co-chair of the Georgia Green Party.… Read more ...

Greens to Obama: Gulf spill should kill ‘Drill, baby, drill’; BP & Halliburton must be held liable for spill costs

Press release emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

President Obama must cancel his plans for Atlantic and Alaskan offshore drilling, and hold BP and Halliburton liable for the Gulf spill’s damage, say Greens

• Green Party Speakers Bureau: Greens available to speak on energy
policy, climate change, and related issues:

• The Green Party’s 2010 Annual National Meeting, Detroit, Michigan,
June 24-27 http://greenpartymeeting2010.wordpress.com… Read more ...

Missouri Green Senate candidate Midge Potts Ends Walk Across Missouri Due to Injury

On The Wilder Side:

Midge Potts, Progressive/Green Party Candidate for US Senate, who began walking from Missouri ‘s only nuclear power reactor in Callaway County on April 10th, announced on Monday that she had to end her trek early because of a pulled tendon she suffered during her attempt to reach the Honeywell nuke bomb parts factory in Kansas City.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader Calls President Barack Obama’s Loan Guarantee for Nuclear Power Plants Monumental Mistake

posted at Nader.org:

President Obama’s support of loan guarantees for the construction of new nuclear power plants is a monumental mistake. It is a decision that is bad for consumers and taxpayers, and it is wrong-headed from an environmental and national security perspective.

Providing $8.3 billion in loan guarantees to help the Southern Company build two reactors in Georgia is the last thing the Obama Administration should be doing.… Read more ...