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Libertarians support Nullify Now NC

Press Release from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

RALEIGH (Sept. 23) – Nullification is not about state’s rights or slavery, but about the fundamental principles of the American republic, said J.J. Summerell, chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. The Libertarian Party is one of the sponsors of the Nullify Now conference scheduled for the Raleigh Convention Center Oct.… Read more ...

Independent American Party Sends Letter On Nullification to 2,200 Officials

The following was posted on the Independent American & Constitutional Review by Joshua Fauver on July 1st, 2013:


The following letter was sent to 900 county sheriffs and 1,300 state legislatures by the Independent American Party and was published on their website on July 1st, 2013. 

The following was sent to 900 County Sheriffs & 1,300 State Legislators (modified slightly for each group). … Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: ‘State Nullification: Requisite To Freedom’

Chuck Baldwin at ChuckBaldwinLive.com:

I was thrilled to see J.B. Williams report in NewsWithViews.com that the State of Montana has a broad-based State nullification bill currently proposed in its legislature. Derek Skees (R-Whitefish) is the State legislator who has introduced this much-needed legislation.

See the story at:


The fact is, Skees’ State Nullification bill is only one of several outstanding freedom-first bills that is currently before the Montana legislature.… Read more ...

Darryl Perry: Review of “Nullification: How To Resist Federal Tyranny In The 21st Century”

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Boston Tea Party national chair Darryl Perry:

I have been “fan” of Tom Woods since I first read The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. Since reading that book a few years ago, I’ve read more of Tom’s books; Who Killed the Constitution and Meltdown.… Read more ...

Greens support lawsuit, consider initiative to nullify Prop. 14

Greens support lawsuit, consider initiative to nullify Prop. 14; Measure is a clear example of how big money buys California elections, charges Green Party gubernatorial nominee

(Distributed by the Green Party of the United States, http://www.gp.org)


For immediate release: June 9, 2010

Erika McDonald, Spokesperson, 415.337.1499, emcdonald@cagreens.orgRead more ...