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Hawkins blasts NY Governor Cuomo for arrests at Occupy Albany

(excerpt from a Howie Hawkins for Governor Press Release)

For Immediate Release: November 14, 2011

Howie Hawkins for Governor – Green Party
Media Release

Hawkins Blasts Cuomo for Arrests at Occupy Albany:
“Governor 1% Assaults Political and Economic Rights of the 99%”

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party’s 2010 gubernatorial candidate, blasted Governor Andrew Cuomo for the arrests of Occupy Albany demonstrators over the weekend.

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Video: NY Gov candidate Howie Hawkins ropes in the Stock Transfer Tax (and the bull)

Video of a “Rootin’ Tootin’ Wall Street Rodeo to Wrangle Runaway Stock Transfer Tax Revenue From Corporate Rustlers”, in the form of a press conference for Green Party of New York State candidates at the Bull statue on Wall Street. Appearing: Howie Hawkins, Governor candidate; Gloria Mattera, Lt. Governor candidate; and Julia Willebrand, NY State Comptroller candidate.… Read more ...

New Yorkers ask “Where Are The F#$%-ing Jobs?”: A Howie Hawkins campaign video

From a Howie Hawkins press release posted onthewilderside:

Attacking the very notion of a “jobless recovery”, Green Party of New York State governor candidate Howie Hawkins latest video contrasts reports of renewed Wall Street profits with real New York citizens passionately questioning why we haven’t seen as significant an increase in employment.

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In NY: Six Way Governor Debate Announced

[Update 10/7/10 at 10:44pm: All seven candidates have now confirmed their participation.]

(excerpt from) A Business Wire press announcement:

October 07, 2010 04:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
News 12, Newsday, and Hofstra University Partner to Bring the First Gubernatorial Debate to New York

On Television, the Cable-Exclusive Event Will Air Live on News 12 on Monday, October 18 at 7:00 PM


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In New York: Working Families Party makes interesting endorsement

(excerpt from) Long Island Press
Cuomo Accepts Working Families Party Endoresment

By Associated Press on September 12th, 2010

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is accepting the endorsement of the left-leaning Working Families Party in his run to be New York’s next governor…

The party in a written statement is backing Cuomo’s platform in which he promises to cut state spending and confront special interests including those backing the Working Families Party…

Note from KW: In New York State, there are three “classes” of parties: The major parties – The Democrats and Republicans – who are automatic ballot status, and split control of the Board of Elections; Automatic Ballot status parties (such as Working Families Party) who earn and retain each four years the right to run candidates more easily; and “independent political parties”, such as The Libertarian Party in New York, who have some history and rights as a party, but do not have automatic ballot status (unless and until they earn it at the next Governor’s race by getting 50,000 votes).… Read more ...

Third party NY Governor candidates get great ink: Story at Albany’s Times Union

Hat tip to the Daily News political blog for the link.

(excerpt from) Albany Times Union on-line
Rebels with causes use ideas to fuel bids
By Jimmy Vielkind / Friday, September 10, 2010

(As the story notes, for the third party candidates featured below, “There’s one hurdle left: The State Board of Elections meets next Thursday [September 16, 2010] — two days after the state primaries — to vote on the candidates for the general election ballot.”)… Read more ...

Warren Redlich: Files petitions for NY Governor and issues press releases

A listing of candidates filed, with amount of pages filed, can be found at the NY State Board of Elections web-site: here.

E-mail from Redlich campaign 3:04pm:

Warren Redlich filed 34,000 signatures at 10 am this morning as the Libertarian candidate for Governor. He credited a “tremendous group of volunteers” for their efforts in organizing and conducting the petition drive, as well as the LPNY leadership and the Libertarian National Committee for their support and hard work.

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Kristin Davis: Files petitions for NY Governor and issues press release

from a Davis for Governor press release
August 17, 2010

Ex-Madam files for Governor of Empire State

Kristin Davis, the ex-Madam who supplied call-girls for Eliot Spitzer when he was both Attorney General and Governor, filed 22,000 voter signatures to secure a place on the ballot as an independent candidate for Governor with the New York State Board of Elections as the candidate of the Anti-Prohibition Party.

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Sam Sloan files Libertarian petitions for Governor of NY

As posted at onthewilderside:

Until August 17, 2010 (Tuesday), statewide candidates running as independents, or on the lines of some third parties, can file their independent nominating petitions in Albany. At the NY State Board of Elections web-site, you can watch the petitions come in. Link for the constantly updated list is: here.Read more ...

NY State political news: A personnel change in the media, a candidate for Governor

Written by Kimberly Wilder, a co-founder and blogger at onthewilderside:

Elizabeth Benjamin has previously worked as a political reporter for the Albany Times Union. For the last couple of years, Benjamin was with the NY Daily News, doing the NY State politics blog, “Daily Politics”. This week, Elizabeth Benjamin has begun a new project with YNN/NY-1, a Time Warner Cable project.… Read more ...

Speculation about Green Party Governor candidates for NY 2010

This information was posted in the comment section of onthewilderside.com, by my co-blogger there, Ian Wilder, who is a Green Party member:

The Convention is May 15th, so there is no decision yet about who is running.

Sander Hicks, Jeff Peress, and Bob Gumbs have announced their intentions to seek the Senate nominations.

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