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Chair of LPNY gives update on Warren Redlich’s vote tally lawsuit

Redlich v. NY Board of Elections

I am sorry to advise that on June 15, 2011, Albany County Supreme Court Justice Richard Platkin granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the Article 78 (mandamus) challenge to the Board’s final determination of Warren Redlich’s vote total six months earlier on purely procedural grounds.

Both Warren and I felt strongly that that the confusion created by placing more than one party’s candidate for the same office in the same column, the intentional and/or negligent undercounting of military and absentee ballots and the likelihood that various local county boards of election failed to count every vote cast after the results were known warranted review by the judiciary; unfortunately Justice Platkin chose not to consider any of our arguments on the merits of the lawsuit.

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Libertarian Party of NY State Convention: Report and photos

Flickr Photos: here

A quick report from Kimberly Wilder, contributor at Independent Political Report:

I attended the Libertarian Party of New York State Convention as a press person and a third party activist (enrolled “blank/independent). These are some quick observations, which I will expand later in the post and/or comments section.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Did Not Poll 50,000 Votes for Governor of New York

from Ballot Access News
Libertarian Party Did Not Poll 50,000 Votes for Governor of New York

originally published on December 13th, 2010

On December 13, the New York State Board of Elections certified the election returns from the November 2, 2010 election...the Libertarian Party nominee for Governor, Warren Redlich, did not receive as many as 50,000 votes. … Read more ...

Good news for Libertarians in NY

from Ballot Access News
New York City Final Official Vote Count is 17% Higher than Election Night Tally

December 2nd, 2010

New York state is still tallying the official results for the November 2, 2010.  However, the New York city Board of Elections has just finished its tally.  According to this story, its final official count of the number of votes cast is 17% higher than the total reported a few days after the election.… Read more ...

Warren Redlich: Files petitions for NY Governor and issues press releases

A listing of candidates filed, with amount of pages filed, can be found at the NY State Board of Elections web-site: here.

E-mail from Redlich campaign 3:04pm:

Warren Redlich filed 34,000 signatures at 10 am this morning as the Libertarian candidate for Governor. He credited a “tremendous group of volunteers” for their efforts in organizing and conducting the petition drive, as well as the LPNY leadership and the Libertarian National Committee for their support and hard work.

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