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Green Party of NY Slams Lawmakers and [Dem] Governor for Midnight Sellout of New Yorkers

GPNYS press release, as posted at onthewilderside.com:

Green Party Slams Cuomo, Lawmakers for Midnight Sellout of New Yorkers

The Green Party of New York blasted Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers for their middle of the night votes to continue gerrymandering of state legislative districts in exchange for passing Cuomo’s assault on the pension benefits of government workers.… Read more ...

New York Conservative Party Unknowingly Nominated a Dead Person for State Senate in 2010

Ballot Access News:

This New York Times story explains that the Conservative Party nominee for State Senate, 31st district, in 2010, was deceased before the party nominated him. Dr. Raphael M. Klapper, of the Bronx, died in May 2010. But during June and July, a petition was circulated to qualify him for the Conservative Party primary.… Read more ...

NY Senate Bill 4779, allowing kids to okay vaccines, creates controversy among ideologies

Kimberly Wilder writes:

NY State Senate Bill S4779 concerns allowing minors to receive vaccines for STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) without their parents’ consent or knowledge. According to an action alert by Rita M. Palma at MyKidsMyChoice, the vaccines covered include Hep-B and Gardasil.

Some of the public discourse is represented below.… Read more ...

Green Party of NY calls Legislative Ethics Reform Inadequate

A post by Ian Wilder at onthewilderside.com, based on a GPNYS press release:

The Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) stated today that it opposed the ethics reform deal announced earlier this week as being too late, too late, an attempt at damage control rather than the real reform New York taxpayers deserve.

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Libertarian commentator says: Gridlock is good (in NY legislature)

Quick update: On Tuesday, June 23, 2009 the “Republican coalition” held a session of the NY State Senate that they claim is valid, the “Democratic coalition” held a session sort of as that was happening, and then the Governor held an extraordinary session later. As reported in The Daily Politics, “Nearly 100 bills were passed yesterday, but no one’s sure if any of them are legal.”… Read more ...

Tom Golisano, independent activist from NY, to run for Senate in Florida?

Tom Golisano ran for Governor with “The Independence Party” in New York, which is a party that claims to be neither left nor right.  Golisano is also perceived as being “independent”, because his recent support has alternated between Democrats and Republicans. Golisano recently announced that he moved to Florida to avoid high taxes in New York.… Read more ...

Green Party of NY weighs in on NY State Senate coup

h/t to my co-blogger Ian Wilder at www.onthewilderside.com

excerpt from a GPNYS Press Release:

Green Party of New York State Decries NY Senate Coup and Calls for Grassroots Resistance

The Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) decries the latest power play in the NY State Senate.  The leadership coup on Monday night by the Republican Party and at least two Democrats, one under investigation for fraud and the other for physical assault, is the newest in a serious of undemocratic and disgraceful acts that have earned the State Legislature the title of most undemocratic and “Stalinist” from the Brennan Center for Law and Justice. 

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Coup in NY State Senate: Rumors that Tom Golisano is behind it

Below are excerpts from Elizabeth Benjamin’s coverage and commentary posted on her Daily Politics blog over at the Daily News.

Smith: I’m Still Leader, Monserrate: I’m Still A Democrat
June 8, 2009

Sen. Malcolm Smith’s office just issued a press release deeming today’s takeover by the Senate Republicans that appears to have dumped him from his leadership post “illegal” and insisting that he’s still in control.

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