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Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? New E-Book By Activist Couple Available

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For Immediate Release
Occupy Wall Street. What Just Happened? is a new eBook by activist couple Kimberly and Ian Wilder

Which scenes from the Occupy Wall Street movement do you remember most? Is it the General Assembly working by consensus by the red statue at Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza?… Read more ...

Burning Man To Connect Occupy/TEA Movements In Funded Art Project

The Burning Man organization, host of an annual event expected to attract over 60,000 participants to a dry lakebed northeast of Reno later this month (see: has provided funding to an art project titled “Burn Wall Street” with the following description:

Burn Wall Street is a large scale, outdoor art installation that is sprouting powerful conversations countrywide. 

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PSL: Are the police forces part of the 99% or tools of the 1%?

Party for Socialism and Liberation at

following article was written by a participant in the
Oct. 1

Occupy Wall Street march on the Brooklyn
, and
among the 700 protesters trapped and arrested there. Police brutality and
illegal arrests are taking place in cities and towns throughout the U.S.
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Freedom Socialist Party on Occupy Wall Street: Fight corporate rule with working-class power

Freedom Socialist Party at

As the Occupy Wall Street spirit of rebellion spreads
from NY to LA and around the globe, Establishment
politicians are looking for ways to turn the growing
movement into “the Tea Party of the liberals.” But
what is happening in Liberty Square can be a far
more powerful and fundamental force to remake
society.… Read more ...