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Occupy Wall Street: New Livestream Channel, IPR posts to date

[Editing note from Kimberly Wilder on 10/8/2011 – there is still no live video at the occupy nyc live stream that I had discovered below. I believe that that may be a fake lead planted in the press. In the least, there is controversy over its validity. There is Live Streaming by a group called “Global Revolution” that is on the ground at Occupy Wall Street NY.Read more ...

Working Families Party Will Help Bolster Protest on Wall Street

Consumerist.com via Ballot Access News:

Going into its 14th day, the Occupy Wall Street protest is not only not fading out, it’s about to get a big injection of support, and bodies. The established New York City labor and community groups who normally organize local marches, rallies and sit-ins, have announced they plan to join up next week.… Read more ...

IPR’s Ross Levin arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest

Comments from Ross Levin, a writer for IPR, on a previous post:

“I was there wearing a Green Party shirt, as well! You can see some photos of me online if you look around…”

“I’ve got some nice big brown curly hair. It’s a Green Party of Philadelphia shirt. I got arrested Saturday, so you might see some photos of that.… Read more ...