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UPDATED: Ohio: General Assembly violates US Constitution

UPDATE: Added explanatory material:

The Ohio House passed a version that would require petitioning at 1% of the most recent vote for governor or president to be submitted by 90 days before a primary election.  The Ohio Senate passed a version that would require petitioning at 1/4% of the most recent vote for governor or president to be submitted by 100 days before a primary election and an additional 1/4% by 90 days before a primary election.

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Libertarian Party of Ohio on Right to Work laws

Posted on the web page of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. H/T Kevin Knedler.

In this tumultuous time of debate on Senate Bill 5, and Ohio’s attempt at collective bargaining reform, let’s take a look at the Right to Work laws which seem to have been placed aside.

Right to Work laws are statutes of the Taft-Hartley Act that prevent unions and employers from making contracts that force employees to join or pay dues to a union.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Ohio on their progress

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:


Republicans won the 2010 mid-term elections based primarily on a huge resurgence of public interest in Libertarian platforms of smaller government involvement and common sense fiscal conservatism. While the tidal wave of Republican enthusiasm has swept the GOP back into power, they weren’t the only party to make significant gains on Tuesday, states the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s Political Director Michael Johnston.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Ohio election night party


The Libertarian Party of Ohio, in conjunction with the Franklin County Libertarian Party, will be hosting an election night party on November 2nd at 1038 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio. The event will begin at 7PM, and will include hor d’ourves, pizza, and soda, as well as BYOB

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Ohio Tea Party Groups, Newspapers and More Endorse Libertarian Candidates

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com and posted at TPID:

The North Central Ohio Tea Party announced yesterday that they are endorsing four Libertarian candidates for their respective offices: Charlie Earl for Secretary of State, Matthew Cantrell for state Treasurer, Jeffrey Blevins for 16th Congressional District, and Robert Brent Vollmer for Court of Appeals, 5th District.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Ohio: ‘Ken Matesz Only Governor Candidate to Release Detailed Budget Plan’

A press release from the Ohio Libertarian Party, sent to IPR and TPID via email:

With the Ohio Statehouse as his backdrop, Libertarian Governor candidate Ken Matesz today delivered a comprehensive budget plan for the state of Ohio. Included in the plan are elimination of the state income tax saving Ohio taxpayers $7 billion annually, a reduction and freeze on above average state employee pay, and the introduction of choice in the state school system.… Read more ...

Libertarian candidate Bill Yarbrough announces endorsement from Tea Party

Posted by Staff at Libertarian Party blog:

Bill Yarbrough is a Libertarian running for Ohio State Senate, District 3, against Republican and Democratic Party opponents. He recently announced that he has been endorsed by the Ohio Tea Party PAC.

Click here to read the announcement.

And emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

From: Kevin Knedler
Subject: Meet Bill Yarbrough , LP candidate for Ohio Assembly– Ohio Senate

Bill Yarbrough has received the endorsement the old fashioned way—he earned it.… Read more ...

Libertarian Travis Irvine takes on Columbus Dispatch for exclusionary policies and coverage

Columbus, OH – September 1, 2010 – Libertarian candidate Travis Irvine was excluded from a private editorial board meeting concerning the U.S. Congressional race in Ohio’s 12th District, which was held by various staff of The Columbus Dispatch and included Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi and Democrat challenger Paula Brooks on Monday.… Read more ...

Ohio voting board office hides elephant, donkey after Libertarian’s complaint

Associated Press:

NEWARK, Ohio — The elephant and the donkey are going into hiding at an Ohio voting board.

A Libertarian candidate saw ceramic figurines of the Republican and Democratic symbols on the counter at the Licking County Board of Elections when he filed paperwork to run for county commissioner.

James Snedden Jr.… Read more ...

Libertarian Travis Irvine calls out incumbent, releases new video

Libertarian Party blog:

From Irvine for Congress:

The Irvine for Congress campaign evidently struck a nerve when it released its new web video this week, "The Kiss of Debt," and called out Rep. Pat Tiberi for his hypocrisy in attacking Democrats for the same fiscal irresponsibility he and his Republican colleagues practiced when they controlled Congress.

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Ohio: Libertarian Party – Small Government, Big Ideas

From a letter to the editor of the Sandusky Register via TPID:

I’m sure John Kasich is a great speaker. Plug your ears and watch. Here is what I know of him. He was a long time politician and elected eight times. He was the managing director of the Columbus investment banking division of Lehman Brothers, paid $587,000 salary, bonus and other benefits.… Read more ...