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Posts tagged as “Oliver B. Hall”

Center for Competitive Democracy Files Petition re – FEC $175,000+ “Repayment” Demand Against GP’s Jill Stein

A 07 Dec 2021 Media Release from the Center for Competitive Democracy (CDC) states:

“Nearly five years after the 2016 presidential election — the FEC notified Dr. (Jill) Stein that she and her campaign committee must repay $175,272 in primary matching funds received during that election.… Read more ...

CCD’s Hall: “Radical politics” must challenge two-party structure

nader2000In a letter to the editor of The New York Times, Oliver B. Hall of the Center for Competitive Democracy, which works to eliminate barriers to political participation and protect open and competitive elections, criticizes left-wing journalist and scholar Todd Gitlin over an op-ed he wrote for the Times last week on Sen.… Read more ...