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Posts tagged as “open debate”

New Petition: Invite Candidates On the Ballot of 20 or More States To Participate in Open Debate

Joshua Fauver, a Green Party member and the co-founder of American Third Party Report, created the following petition today:

The mantra, indeed the motto, of the Free and Equal Election Foundation is “More Voices, More Choices.” In the interest in living up to that high creed we (the list signatories of this petition) would like to request that the Free and Equal Election Foundation set the criteria for receiving invitation to their Open Presidential Debate at the United We Stand Fest on October the 25th in Boulder, Colorado.

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NC-Senate: Libertarian Beitler Excluded from Debates on a Technicality, NCAB Evolves Rationale for Decision in Favor of Exclusion

From Poli-Tea:

According to a report at UNC’s Daily Tarheel, Libertarian candidate for US Senate, Michael Beitler, will not be invited to a number of October debates being organized by the N.C. Association of Broadcasters and the Educational Foundation, despite the fact that Beitler successfully petitioned his way onto the state’s ballot by obtaining 100,000 signatures in support of his effort.

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