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Posts tagged as “Oregon. Libertarian”

OR: LPO Convention Elects New Chair, Replacing Reeves

From a release by the LPOregon (not the group recognized by the Secretary of State or LPHQ):

Despite all of the internal issues with which the LPO has had to contend in recent years, members gathered at Pendleton’s Red Lion hotel on March 21st for the LPO’s 2015 Annual Business Convention.… Read more ...

Wes Wagner: Here’s What Happened…

Here is an explanation from Wes Wagner on the events in his state of Oregon. It was written June 3, 2011.

Essentially what happened is summarized as thus:

During our 2010 convention, the party having been tired of our numerous structural issues adopted a plan for reformation of the party with a 2/3rds+ majority — established a committee to draft new governing documents and schedule a special convention in November (after election day so everyone would be done with their important work)

Everything was going smoothly until Richard Burke, a paid employee of Americans For Prosperity and former executive director who was forced out of office due to financial scandal did not like that the new party would be controlled by all 13,000 libertarians in the state of oregon and not a handful of corrupt apparatchiks.… Read more ...