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Posts tagged as “Orly Taitz”

American Independent Party Convention Postponed, Orly Taitz Endorses Laurie Roth

The American Independent Party is the largest ballot-qualified party in California according to registration numbers. The party has stated its preference to have a presidential candidate on the ballot in 2012, but it is not at all clear what candidate the convention will choose.… Read more ...

Chelene Nightingale Receives the Endorsement of Former Congressman Tom Tancredo

Chelene Nightingale, a candidate for Governor of California under the banner of the American Independent Party, spent the weekend campaigning at the California Eagle Forum, which was held in San Diego with over 350 attendees. The Eagle Forum is an organization of non-partisan conservatives headed by Phyllis Schlafly.… Read more ...

Three Well-Known Election Law Activists Run for California Secretary of State

An interesting article from Ballot Access News:

The election for California Secretary of State has three well-known election law activists this year, although the type of election law activism each has engaged in are very different from each other.

Christina Tobin is the only candidate seeking the Libertarian Party nomination.

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