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LPWI Assembly Candidate Jordan Hansen Delivers Response to Walker’s State of the State Address

From from Jordan Hansen for 54th State Assembly, via the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin:

Scott Walker’s State of the State Address was one mostly filled with political filler; a speech filled with 25 minutes of facts and half-truths about the “successes” of the last few years of Republican leadership. The final 15 minutes, however, was full of new policy proposals, some good and some bad, meant to “Move Wisconsin Forward.”… Read more ...

Three Greens on Ballot in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

From Green Party Watch:

Three Greens are running for local office in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this Spring. There is no primary for these races, the general election is April 5, 2011.

Tony Palmeri, who has served for four years on the Oshkosh City Council, is running for Mayor. Tony Palmeri is a Professor of Communication Studies at UW Oshkosh.… Read more ...

Wisconsin: Ron Hardy of Green Party Watch runs for Common Council

Posted as an announcement, “I Am Running For City Council “, at the Green Party Watch website, where Ron Hardy is a founding member and a contributor.

Ron Hardy writes:

Ron Hardy for Common Council

I am running for City Council in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this spring. I am running for local office because I feel that I can help develop a future focused course for the city that incorporates sustainable practices, local economies, increased energy efficiency, decreased energy consumption, and greater stewardship of the two large lakes that border the city to the East and West and the Fox River that connects them.

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Green Party elected official Tony Palmeri named Deputy Mayor

(excerpt from) Green Party Watch
Tony Palmeri Named Deputy Mayor

Tony Palmeri, re-elected to the Oshkosh Common Council on April 7, was nominated by new Mayor Paul Esslinger and elected Deputy Mayor on a 4-2 vote of the Council. Mayor Esslinger had often sided with Palmeri on issues over the last two years although Esslinger is a conservative and Palmeri is a Green…

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Campaigns enter their final twenty four hours

Various local elections and a special congressional election are all being held tomorrow, April 7.  There are a few Green Party candidates and one member of the Greens/Green Party USA running for office.  Low turnout is expected in each election, and the results should be interesting.

Matt Reichel

In Illinois’ fifth congressional district, a special election is being held to fill the vacancy left by Rahm Emanuel when he went to work at the White House. … Read more ...