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Posts tagged as “Outright Libertarians”

Kerry Douglas McKennon announces candidacy for Libertarian Vice Presidential nomination

Press Release submitted to IPR:

My name is Kerry Douglas McKennon. I wish to express my intent to become the Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President of the United States.

I have been active in the Libertarian Party for a number of years, currently serving as the Hale County Chair, a senate district representative of the Libertarian Party of Texas Executive Committee, the Platform Committee Chair for Texas, and the National Secretary for Outright Libertarians.

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J. Wilson: “The Libertarian Party Attacked Rand Paul, Libertarians Attacked Back”


The Libertarian Party Attacked Rand Paul, Libertarians Attacked Back

BY J. Wilson
March 4, 2015

The Libertarian Party posted the above image on their Facebook page. The backlash they received in the comments was well deserved. Hundreds of people commented, and all of the top comments were people disgusted with the image.… Read more ...

Starchild To Be Interviewed Tonight About His Grassroots Libertarianism

Starchild 3

From an email from Mike Shipley

Click here to hear the interview

Joining us this evening will be the famous Starchild, the champion of grassroots Libertarianism, transparency and accountability within the party. Find out more about the Grassroots Libertarian Caucus and its 5 Key Values.… Read more ...