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Kerry Douglas McKennon announces candidacy for Libertarian Vice Presidential nomination

Press Release submitted to IPR:

My name is Kerry Douglas McKennon. I wish to express my intent to become the Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President of the United States.

I have been active in the Libertarian Party for a number of years, currently serving as the Hale County Chair, a senate district representative of the Libertarian Party of Texas Executive Committee, the Platform Committee Chair for Texas, and the National Secretary for Outright Libertarians.

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J. Wilson: “The Libertarian Party Attacked Rand Paul, Libertarians Attacked Back”


The Libertarian Party Attacked Rand Paul, Libertarians Attacked Back

BY J. Wilson
March 4, 2015

The Libertarian Party posted the above image on their Facebook page. The backlash they received in the comments was well deserved. Hundreds of people commented, and all of the top comments were people disgusted with the image.… Read more ...

Starchild To Be Interviewed Tonight About His Grassroots Libertarianism

Starchild 3

From an email from Mike Shipley

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Joining us this evening will be the famous Starchild, the champion of grassroots Libertarianism, transparency and accountability within the party. Find out more about the Grassroots Libertarian Caucus and its 5 Key Values. Also learn more and join the Yahoo group by clicking the link below!!… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Activists: Inconsistency on Marriage Equality

Inconsistency on Marriage Equality
Published June 20, 2013 | The Libertarian Party of Tennessee website

– Libertarian to Libertarian –

By:  Allan Wallace and Steven Rodriguez. 

Allan Wallace is a long time Libertarian party member and activist who has held positions of leadership in the party. He is also one of the founders and first Chair of Outright Libertarians, an organization of LGBT LP activists. 

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Libertarians Organizing Virtual National Torch Parade for Bradley Manning

Outright Libertarians, the GLBTQ caucus of the Libertarian Party, along with libertarian activists in San Francisco and other cities, is organizing a virtual torch parade to support private first class Bradley Manning, the U.S. government soldier being prosecuted for passing hundreds of thousands of secret documents, including video evidence of war crimes being committed by members of the U.S.… Read more ...

Dr. Tom Stevens: The Future Of The Libertarian Political Movement Conference In Manchester, New Hampshire Draws Few Attendees & Offers No Solutions To Revitalize The Libertarian Party

Sent to IPR by Dr. Tom Stevens:

Although I did not attend The Future of the Libertarian Political Movement conference in Manchester, New Hampshire on June 19, 2011, I compiled a few details and have written an article about the conference, which included the first Libertarian Presidential Debate:


In Liberty,

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News From Outright Libertarians

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Outright’s Eight Point Guide To Why The Complete Repeal Of Prop 8 Is The Way Forward

SACRAMENTO — In its ongoing efforts to educate the public, Outright Libertarians and its partners released the following eight point guide to why complete Proposition 8 repeal is the right path forward for California and for Libertarians — and why the Domestic Partnership Initiative (DPI) is a path backwards for California and for Libertarians.… Read more ...

Outright Libertarians responds to LPCA Domestic Partnership Initiative endorsement

Noting the federal government’s lack of recognition for civil domestic partnerships, Outright Libertarians has issued a press release highlighting the social consequences, and price tag, of the proposed Domestic Partnership Initiative recently endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California:

“The federal government does not recognize ‘domestic partnerships’ in federal law, through both legal precedent and statutes including the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA),” noted Outright Libertarians’ National Chair, Rob Power.

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Outright Libertarians: ‘The only openly LGBT member of Libertarian National Committee needs your help’

Email alert from the Outright Libertarians:

Outright Libertarians:

We need your help. We’re not asking for money, but only for a few minutes of your time.

Please contact your Regional Representative and At-Large Representatives to the Libertarian National Committee, and tell them to cease the LNC’s attacks on Angela Keaton. There is a sample letter
at the end of this message.

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Gay newspaper skeptical about Barr’s evolution on DOMA

The Washington Blade, a gay-themed publication, runs a story on Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr under the headline “From Public Enemy No. 1 To Gay Rights Advocate?” The article is skeptical of the claim. It focuses primarily on Barr’s sponsorship of the Defense of Marriage Act in Congress and his current desire to repeal part of the law.… Read more ...

Gay media notes Barr nomination

365Gay, which bills itself as “America’s most read gay news”, has run an article on Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr today, quoting and highlighting (mostly quoting) his earlier press release on the California Supreme Court’s recent same-sex marriage ruling. Barr’s authorship of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act has drawn major criticism from many Libertarians from the time of his entry into the Libertarian Party in 2006.… Read more ...