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Green Party: Highlights from Election Day 2014

Press Release from the Green Party of the United States:

The Green Party made several advances in the 2014 general election on November 4, with Green candidates winning 27 seats and ballot lines held for most state Green Parties.

The most closely watched Green races were in Richmond, California, where outgoing Mayor Gayle McLaughlin overcame a $3-million campaign by Chevron to defeat her slate, and New York, where Howie Hawkins challenged incumbent Gov.… Read more ...

Pacific Green Party of Oregon Kicks Off Registration Drive in Order to Remain Ballot-Qualified

Ballot Access News:

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon didn’t run any statewide candidates in 2010, so it can only be on the ballot in 2012 if it gets its registration up to one-half of 1% of the state total by mid-2012. Just prior to the 2010 election, one-half of 1% was 10,332 registrants, and at that time the Pacific Green Party had 8,710 registrants.… Read more ...

Pacific Greens: Rally against the proposed legislation and Pacific Connector Pipeline in Medford

Pacific Greens via On The Wilder Side:

This February, legislation will be introduced Salem that would change the definition of “applicant” for removal-fill permits. If passed, this bill will fast-track the permitting process for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline by allowing companies to apply for permits on landowners’ property without their knowledge or consent.… Read more ...

Oregon Pacific Green Party to hold annual gathering Nov. 6-7

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

From the Oregon Pacific Green Party:

The Pacific Green Party fall convention and annual gathering will be held November 6-7 at Camp Myrtlewood.

We will be electing a new State Coordinating Committee member at this convention.

Draft Agenda of November 2010 State Convention
Pacific Green Party of Oregon
6/7 November 2010

6 November, Saturday

10 am to 11-ish Registration and introductions, perhaps some coffee, tea, pastries Review of consensus process

11 am.… Read more ...

Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party in Oregon Hold Conventions, Progressive Party Tries to Make Ballot

Jeff Mapes, over at The Oregonian’s political blog, made a comprehensive  post concerning the latest third party events in Oregon. This includes news of the Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party’s convention, the Progressive Party’s efforts to get on the ballot, and the Independent Party’s endorsements.

1. The Constitution Party of Oregon will hold a convention June 26 and expects to pick a candidate for governor. 

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Pacific Green Party Congressional candidate Michael Meo (OR-3): war crimes trials for George W. Bush, new investigation for 9/11 terror attacks

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Simple justice requires that George W. Bush be tried for war crimes. Since the Democrats are opposed to the much milder form of reprimand of an impeachment, there is little to no likelihood of seeing justice done in that regard.

Closure as a community requires a truly independent investigation of the executive acts which led to the catastrophe of the intelligence failure prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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Minor party candidates in Oregon

If you notice any errors, please list them in the comments. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments. If you want to compile a list for your own state, please post it in the comments. Thanks to commenter Fanta for both this list and and the Alaska list.… Read more ...

2004 Socialist presidential nominee runs as Pacific Green in Oregon

The Oregonian reports on its website that former Oregon state senator Walt Brown, who served as a Democrat and in 2004 was the Socialist Party USA nominee for president, has been nominated by the Pacific Green Party to run for Oregon attorney general this year. In addition to a Democratic candidate and Brown, Constitution Party candidate James Leuenberger and Working Families Party candidate J.… Read more ...

District 5 in Oregon attracts competition

The 5th District in Oregon will have 5 candidates on the general election ballot, all of whom are poised to take at least 1% of the vote. West Linn Tidings, a local newspaper in Oregon, has taken notice and noted that the seat is highly contested between the two major-parties.

The Libertarian Party nominated Steve Milligan, operations manager for Alternative Health and Herbal Remedies.

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Three third-party hopefuls in Oregon U.S. House race

Oregon’s Portland Tribune surveys the third-party field in the state’s open-seat Fifth U.S. House district race:

“The Libertarian Party nominated Steve Milligan, operations manager for an herbal manufacturer. He is in the middle of his second term on Monmouth City Council. The Pacific Green Party nominated Alexander Polikoff, an electrical engineer from Corvallis.… Read more ...