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Looking Back at LP VP Nominee Spike Cohen’s Neo-Con Past

Allegations were recently made in the comments at Ballot Access News that the Libertarian Party’s 2020 Vice Presidential nominee Spike Cohen previously frequented a now-defunct hate site FuckFrance.com (FF).  The site featured articles and comments largely expressing hatred for France and its people.  It reached the height of its popularity in 2003 ahead of the US invasion of Iraq, which France opposed. … Read more ...

American Freedom Party: The Toughest Job in Washington: Explaining U.S. Policy Toward Israel

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Posted on the American Freedom website on August 22, 2013. Kevin MacDonald is a professor at California State University-Long Beach and is a member of the board of directors of the American Freedom Party.

By Kevin MacDonald | I had to feel sorry for State Department spokesperson Marie Harf trying to explain U.S.… Read more ...

One Democratic State: A Green Solution To The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Published from Green Papers, the official source of press releases and articles from the Green Party. 



by Justine McCabe

First published in Green Horizon Magazine / Spring Summer 2012 

For we belong to a single body –
Arabs and Jews
Tel Aviv and Tulkarem,
Haifa and Ramallah –
What are they
If not a single pair of shoulders,
Twin breasts?Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: Israeli Bombs And Palestinian Resistance

The following was published in the February 2013 edition of the Freedom Socialist newspaper. 
Israeli bombs and Palestinian resistance
Assault on Gaza spurs further outrage and broadens anti-occupation solidarity
Monica Hill
February 2013

Palestinian loss of land, 1946-2010. Credit: The Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine

The mayhem that fell upon Gaza last November raised to new heights the Israeli government’s sinister subjugation of Palestinians.… Read more ...

Are Cynthia McKinney and Jello Biafra, so-called ‘leading lights of the US Green Party,’ lending support to Middle Eastern tyranny?

The following is an excerpt from an interesting post on New Jewish Resistance, via a complementary post on California Greening, which calls for the Greens not to nominate anyone in 2012 who “align with the likes of Ahmadinejad, Qadaffi or Asad.”

Two leading lights of the US Green Party, Jello Biafra and Cynthia McKinney, have betrayed the party’s platform and values by loaning support to Israel and Qaddafi, respectively.

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Green Party: President Obama must press Israel to end East Jerusalem settlements

Press release from the US Green Party:

WASHINGTON, DC — President Obama must put pressure on Israel immediately to stop the construction of settlements and displacement of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Green Party leaders and candidates said today.

“President Obama should send Prime Minister Netanyahu a message: enough is enough. If Israel continues to violate Palestinian human rights, the US must cancel the $30 million military aid package pledged to Israel for 2009-2018.… Read more ...

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Barred From South Africa Trip

Reposted from Green Party Watch

News 24 in South Africa is reporting that Cynthia McKinney was abruptly removed from a flight to South Africa, where she was to be a speaker at the Palestinian Struggle and Human Spirit Film Festival:

Cape Town – A controversial former member of the American congress and a 2008 [Green Party] presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, was abruptly removed from a South African Airways flight on Tuesday.

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Green Party joins global day of action

Posted by Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

In a press release, the Green Party of the United States announced their participation March 30th in a world wide effort to bring attention to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The party endorses full human rights, democracy, equality under the law, and security for Palestinians and Israelis; efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict; dismantling of the separation wall; and the Palestinian right of return

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Israeli High Court restores ballot access to two Arab parties

Ballot Access News:

On January 21, the Israeli High Court of Justice restored two political parties to the ballot for the upcoming national elections. See this story. The two parties, United Arab List-Ta’al and Balad, had earlier been banned from the ballot because they advocate separation of church and state.

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Green Party: Israel-Palestine truce must include end of Israeli occupation and observance of international law or violence is likely to resume


For Immediate Release:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614, mclarty@greens.org
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene@gp.org

Mounting Israeli atrocities require immediate US pressure on Israel, say Greens in a challenge to President-elect Obama

The key to peace: ensuring democracy, equality, and human rights for all in Israel-Palestine

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders said today that President Obama must press Israel to end the occupation as part of any lasting truce in the siege of Gaza.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: End the massacre in Gaza


The Socialist Party USA unequivocally condemns the ongoing Israeli military offensive against the people of Gaza. We call for an immediate cessation of hostilities on all sides and an immediate end to the blockade of the Gaza strip. We encourage US citizens to assist the process of peace in the region by demanding that the US government end all military aid to Israel and other Middle Eastern governments.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Oregon calls on U.S. Congress to cease meddling in Middle Eastern affairs

mailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Constitution Party of Oregon

The CONSTITUTION PARTY OF OREGON calls on the U.S. Congress to cease meddling in Middle Eastern affairs, and return their attention to the constitutionally authorized business of providing for the common defense of the sovereign states, while securing the blessings of liberty to us and our posterity.… Read more ...