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Posts tagged as “Palestine”

Looking Back at LP VP Nominee Spike Cohen’s Neo-Con Past

Allegations were recently made in the comments at Ballot Access News that the Libertarian Party’s 2020 Vice Presidential nominee Spike Cohen previously frequented a now-defunct hate site (FF).  The site featured articles and comments largely expressing hatred for France and its people. … Read more ...

American Freedom Party: The Toughest Job in Washington: Explaining U.S. Policy Toward Israel

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Posted on the American Freedom website on August 22, 2013. Kevin MacDonald is a professor at California State University-Long Beach and is a member of the board of directors of the American Freedom Party.

By Kevin MacDonald | I had to feel sorry for State Department spokesperson Marie Harf trying to explain U.S.… Read more ...

One Democratic State: A Green Solution To The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Published from Green Papers, the official source of press releases and articles from the Green Party. 



by Justine McCabe

First published in Green Horizon Magazine / Spring Summer 2012 

For we belong to a single body –
Arabs and Jews
Tel Aviv and Tulkarem,
Haifa and Ramallah –
What are they
If not a single pair of shoulders,
Twin breasts?Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: Israeli Bombs And Palestinian Resistance

The following was published in the February 2013 edition of the Freedom Socialist newspaper. 
Israeli bombs and Palestinian resistance
Assault on Gaza spurs further outrage and broadens anti-occupation solidarity
Monica Hill
February 2013

Palestinian loss of land, 1946-2010. Credit: The Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine

The mayhem that fell upon Gaza last November raised to new heights the Israeli government’s sinister subjugation of Palestinians.… Read more ...