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Chuck Baldwin: Don’t Let Them Destroy Your Love of Liberty by Destroying Your Memory of It

Chuck Baldwin, the 2004 vice presidential nominee and 2008 presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, today published the editorial below:  

All over America, State governors are cancelling Independence Day parades. They tell us they are trying to protect us from the coronavirus, but what they are really trying to do is wipe the memory of Liberty out of our minds.… Read more ...

Dallas Libertarians participate in parade with 100,000 attendees, offer customizable video to other local LPs

From John Jay Myers’ blog:


Parades have always been a really great way for us to reach out to people and let them know we exist.

The Key ingredient is having a guy like Richard Forsythe who owns a truck and a trailer.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers: Post-election wrap up

Posted by John Jay Myers on facebook. Myers ran as a Libertarian against Pete Sessions (R) in TX-32.

Official release:

“Thank you to all donors and volunteers! John Jay Myers raised more than any other Libertarian candidate in the 32nd district with over $7200, and he received the highest percentage of any Libertarian candidate in the district’s history.… Read more ...

Reverend Billy to parade through New York park

Update: The date of this event was changed to Thursday, Oct. 29th, as per an e-mail from the campaign.

On Tuesday Thursday, a week before the November 3 election, Reverend Billy will be taking animals native to the rainforest through Washington Square Park.  He is the Green Party’s candidate for mayor of New York City. … Read more ...

Mahoning Valley Greens hold “unofficial” Labor Day Parade

posted at Green Party Watch
Mahoning Valley Greens hold “unofficial” Labor Day Parade

September 7th, 2009

Youngstown, Ohio, once one of the great steel towns in America, no longer holds a Labor Day Parade.

Today, the Mahoning Valley Greens held an “unofficial” parade by walking down the sidewalks that our grandfathers and fathers walked to the old steel mill areas and held a brief ceremony and salute at one of the old entrances to the Steel Mills on the Center Street Bridge.

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